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Revolutionize the Gaming Industry with Microsoft Business Central and Power BI

The latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics Package, Business Central is the first version of NAV to be fully hosted on Microsoft Azure. As the gaming industry moves closer and closer to cloud-based financial software, ensure that your organization is on top of the cloud evolution.

Give your company the competitive edge by making use of Business Central. Achieve complete financial visibility, streamline your accounts and achieve total GDPR compliance, while using Power BI built-in dashboards to better track your financial progress.

Financials within Azure

Eliminate the restraints of on-premise solutions from taking your business to the cloud, with Microsoft Azure. Ensure that your financial processes are able to run securely on a stable and consistent environment.




Chart of Accounts

As the core of the whole finance configuration of your business, the Chart of Accounts shows the ledger accounts that store all financial data. Business Central provides a standard chart of accounts, ready to support your business.


Basic General Ledger

As the register for your debit and credit entries, the General Ledger allows you to define how you post data within the core of your financial processes.

General Ledger

Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

Achieve true GDPR compliance through inbuilt privacy-by-design methodologies to grant and restict access to personal data on multiple levels to ensure that your business is secure. Microsoft data centers’ automatic encryption also allow for the secure moving and storage of personal data across your systems.




Audit Trails

Strengthen your business’ accountability through the implementation of audit trials. Microsoft Business Central allows the auditing process to become more intuitive through best practices such as automatically assigning audit trails and descriptions to each transaction within a business. Transactional reason codes can then be added to their respective ledger entries, facilitating the transfer of financial data from multiple companies.




Business Central’s reporting capabilities allow your business to efficiently print or display key insights based on your databases. Reports may also be automatically filled with relevant information required to generate an invoice, allowing for a smoother invoicing process.

General Ledger



Reporting Dimensions

Business Central also allows for the use of Dimensions within Reporting, to categorize entries for in-depth tracking and analysis. Power BI integration further improves your business visibility, creating graphical reporting with multi-perspective views depending on job roles.


Graphical Reporting through Power BI

Utilize stunning visuals, interactive dashboarding and customizable reports to make faster, more informed decisions by drilling down to underlying records. Facilitate easier planning and budgeting processes within a few clicks.


Automated Rate of Exchange

As companies operate in an increasing number of countries, it is vital to review and report financials in numerous currencies. Business Central enables your business to keep up with these currencies automatically, allowing for truly international financial reporting.




Multilanguage and Localization

Business Central provides support for multilingual markets across the globe, through automated multilanguage outward facing documents. Through this, your business can benefit from multiple languages at runtime, alongside support for legal requirements within various international markets.


SEPA Integration

Through the integration of the Single Euro Payments Area, users are allowed to generate a payments file directly from Business Central with the standard SEPA format accepted by all Euro Credit Institutions, ensuring that your business maintains a consistent Euro Country standard during bank transactions.


Approval Workflow

Through the integration of the Four-Eye Approval, managers within your organisation can provide stronger control mechanisms rather than the traditional simple approval process. This adds further security to key decision-making processes.





Exigy Ltd. is a top provider of business software solutions and Microsoft Dynamics in Malta and Italy. Contact us to find out more about Dynamics NAV, and how it can help your company maximise its operations and optimise your project management.


  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • AI 2013 Finance Award Winner
  • Microsoft Malta Partner of the Year

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