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Corporate Administration

Used by over 3000 users, in 20 major jurisdictions worldwide, Quorum is a premium entity management and corporate administration solution used by many of the major auditing, legal, trust and specialist providers offering corporate secretarial and fiduciary services.

Quorum is a powerful office automation system that covers the full spectrum of professional service operations. Quorum enables an office to work efficiently and seamlessly, whilst increasing capacity without the need to increase resources. The solution is key to improving the quality of services offered, by limiting human error and delays through the automation of much of the day-to-day work.


Multi-Jurisdiction Support

Corporate entities can be created in any number of the default jurisdictions provided within the system (including Malta), providing the capability to custom setup up to 250 jurisdictions.

Multi-Jurisdictions in Quorum


360 Degrees Entity Overview in Quorum

360-Degree Entity View

Any type of corporate entity – such as companies, trusts and branches – can be created and managed, and their entire activity history can be recorded chronologically. A customisable database of services provided to clients or corporate entities may be maintained for billing purposes.


Capital Administration

Users can create, manage and record any kind of capital structure for company entities - multi-currency, multi-class, mixed capital setup including classic, unlimited capital and no par value setup with the addition of fractional shares, bearer shares, partly paid shares and many more.

Capital Administration in Quorum


Audit and Taxation Records in Quorum

Audit, Tax and Legal Records

Audit-related work data is recorded within corporate entities to illustrate the data in any given fiscal year. Legal matters are also recorded, including court orders, charges, mortgages, participations in other entities, indemnity letters, letters of engagement, letters of consent, resignation letters, powers of attorneys and more.


VAT, VIES & INTRASTAT Administration

The information and workflow of the Value Added Tax (VAT), VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) and Intrastat can be maintained within the system.

VAT Administration in Quorum


Corporate Register in Quorum

Detailed Corporate Register

The solution can automatically create a complete overview of the Registry of Members in any given company, including General Overview and Capital Operations.


Custom Templates and Official Forms

Customisable templates of corporate documents can be created, enabling the instant generation of corporate documentation and specimens for billing and bank transaction purposes.  Alternatively, companies can opt to use the standard versions included in the system. Companies may automatically generate official forms related to various jurisdictions, including Malta.

Official Forms in Quorum


File Tracking in Quorum

File Tracking

An electronic tracking log of physical files is created to record information such as the borrower, file number, time checked-out, time checked-in, which may also incorporate physical file barcode labelling and tracking of files movement.


History Log

Maintaining fully integrated data versioning, the solution has an intelligent history scheme that enables users to access a quick overview of the legal entity at any given moment of its history.

History Log in Quorum


Task Administration in Quorum

Tasks and Workflows

Department heads can easily keep track of tasks work-in-progress, related to any entity created in the system, and trace work assigned to colleagues. Custom task templates may be created and used to streamline standard workflows. Personalised task reminders may be triggered and sent directly to the inbox of users, reminding them about their task deadlines.



Users may receive email notifications, via an internal customisable RSS feed, whenever a corporate modification is made.

Notifications in Quorum


Complete Secreterial in Quorum

Complete Secretarial

The solution records detailed company statutory information ranging from simple custom details to complex official secretarial particulars applicable to all legal entities and ships.

Multiple Languages in Quorum

Multiple Languages

Users can create and manage the same contact information within the system in over 30 different languages simultaneously.


Multiple Versions and Addresses

Old contact information can be archived within the system by creating multiple versions of the same contact, allowing for each contact’s addresses to be handled in a similar way.

Multiple Versions in Quorum


Usage Hierarchies in Quorum

Contact Usage Hierarchies

With an interactive usage tool, users can view how a contact is linked or associated with entities throughout the system, such as companies, trusts and clients.

Individualised Rates and Multiple Price Lists

The system supports multiple price lists with predefined agreed rates for work items, recurring items and bank transaction rates that apply to all client entities. Different price lists can be applied per client and customised within each client separately.

Multiple Price Lists in Quorum


Timesheets in Quorum

Timesheet Records

Chargeable and non-chargeable time spent working on client entities can be easily recorded within the system. Different employee rates can apply per case and work item.


Expenses/Disbursements, Payments/Receipts

All expenses and disbursements related to any client entity may be recorded and billed, also facilitating the process for tracking customer payments and issuing receipts.

Expenses/Disbursements, Payments/Receipts in Quorum


Batch Invoicing in Quorum


Batch Invoicing

With an automated process of batching chargeable items – such as recurring items, timesheets, expenses and disbursements – the system enables simultaneous billing of multiple clients, either with proforma invoices or official invoices.


Real-Time Client Statements

Statement of accounts for each client entity per invoicing organisation may be generated, with the option to include or exclude proforma invoices, invoices, bad debts and void items, for a complete picture of the client account.

Client Statements in Quorum
Transaction Records in Quorum

Bank Account Information and Transaction Records

All bank accounts per client entity are managed within the system. Multiple bank accounts per client entity, multiple customisable account types, bank signatories, signatory rules and records of customisable bank transactions can be maintained. Standard bank instructions specimens may be downloaded free of charge.


Instant Interim Account Statements

Once bank transactions for any client entity have been recorded, users may instantly retrieve the interim account statements.

Interim Account Statements in Quorum


Signatories in Quorum

Signatories and Signature Specimen

Authorised signatories per account are recorded and their related signature specimen maintained.

Standard Management Reports

Any data within the system can be electronically retrieved and presented into any of the 170 reports available. This feature applies to all areas – contacts, clients, companies, invoices, timesheets and many more.

Quorum Standard Reports


Quorum Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Existing reports may be modified or new ones created based on predefined data sources, according to the company’s needs.


Report Exports

Any report generated from the system may be directly export to the users’ computer in one of the available formats and sent as an attachment through their MS Outlook account.

Reports Export in Quorum


User Defined Reports Shortlist in Quorum

User Defined Reports Shortlist

The most frequently used reports can be bookmarked and shortlisted for them to be instantly accessible.

Outlook - Quorum Integration

MS Outlook Contacts Integration

Enabling a two-way integration with Microsoft Outlook, the solution allows for the importation and exportation of contacts directly to and from the system.


Office Integration

The system enables document storage integration through Microsoft Office, to create, modify or simply access documents either through the system or Microsoft Office. Users can open, save or modify documents from any of the Microsoft Office programs directly into the system with one simple click.

Quorum - Office Integration


Custom Extensions in Quorum

Custom Extensions

The system’s API can extend the functionality of existing applications or create new solutions that integrate with the solution platform. Some of the custom solutions include document capture scanning stations that automate the document import process.


Custom Integration

The system features on-demand integration with accounting systems and bank account opening systems/portals. The latter enables export of the necessary secretarial information to open a bank account for a client.

Quorum Custom Integration


  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • AI 2013 Finance Award Winner
  • Microsoft Malta Partner of the Year

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