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Enterprise Collaboration

With a growing rate of an average 20,000 users a day, Microsoft SharePoint promotes new ways of working together and is proven to generate time savings and productivity gains. According to a Forrester Research Report, companies may benefit from a Return on Investment of 301% and a payback period of 7.4 months when investing in SharePoint software.

Microsoft SharePoint enables employees to easily collaborate with their team members on specific projects, find organisation resources, manage content and share ideas – everything done from a single, integrated location. SharePoint can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud.

The solution enables employees with personalised views to navigate to desired data quickly, allowing mobile workers to access and update the knowledge base and collaborate with team members from their mobile device.


One Document Repository

Consolidates diverse content from various files and personal drives into one centrally managed document repository across all functions, with an optimised view for mobile devices. New documents in the repository are created based on pre-set templates to maintain standardisation across same type documents.

One Repository in SharePoint


Document Scanning and Uploading

Document Scanning, Upload and Classification

Scans and digitises documents, images or magnetic tapes that are immediately rendered into a digital library and stored directly within the centralised repository. Document files are uploaded directly via the browser through a drag and drop feature and classified by specific document types and metadata properties. Rules drive content to specific document libraries, inheriting access controls and default metadata values.


Off-Site Digitisation

Enables an unlimited number of digitisers, stationed in different locations both on-site or off-site, to scan any physical records – documents, images or magnetic tapes – and store, classify and publish them within the same document structure.

Offsite Digitisation


Document Approval Workflow

Document Approval Workflow

Routes documents from one person to another, so that each user is capable of completing his/her own document management tasks. By means of a workflow process, the receiver of the document is notified about a new pending document needing his/her attention, and is directed to it for approval, publication, signing or disposition.


Document Searches

Features fast document retrieval, allowing searches for content inside documents, as well as across documents metadata. Provides capabilities for narrowing down searches through filtering and refining search results by date, author, location, content type, relevance or pre-defined metadata tags, even for scanned documents.

Document Search in SharePoint


Version Control in SharePoint

Version Management

Enables a document to be checked-out for exclusive editing by one user.  Upon check-in, a new version with the latest changes is created, without discarding earlier versions of the document. Document retention policy enables a document lifecycle through time-based events, particularly relevant for compliance-related documentation.


Information Rights Management

Features information right management that ties specific activities with sensitive documents, ensuring confidentiality of data across the document library and protection against data theft.

Information Rights Management


Audit Trail

Audit Trails

Maintains a full log of who has done what with which information – what documents were accessed or edited, when and by whom – ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Personal Workspace on SharePoint

Customisable Personal Workspace

Manages and stores personal documents, content and links in a central location, bringing together enterprise social networks through a user profile that stores content and updates on activities of interest. Integrates different web parts, enabling the representation of information from different collaborative sites into a single, customisable workspace environment.


Shared Team Workspace

Provides the ability to create project or department team-based sites for sharing of calendars and meeting notes, tracking of team members’ work progress and the collection of team's emails and documents into one place.

SharePoint Shared Project Site


Community Site on SharePoint

Community Workspace

Delivers a forum-like experience to find and share information and ideas – through blogs, wikis, announcements, surveys, and article ratings – by connecting users who have or seek knowledge about subject areas.


Social Media

Helps users keep current with people and content through interactive activity feeds, by means of real-time microblog messages and status updates complete with likes and other social tools as in Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media




Provides optimised mobile browsing to navigate and access document libraries, lists and wikis, also featuring an enhanced document viewing experience. Enables generation of push notifications on mobile devices for events occurring on the site, for instance, when a user adds an item to a list or uploads a document to a library. Delivers dashboard content on the user’s mobile device, including Excel and PerformancePoint reports.

Content Creation and Publishing

Easily create internal content pages to the knowledge base, with appropriate controls over branding and page layout. Publish created content pages, after content is approved by the respective content approver, and make it visible to everyone across all workspaces.

Content Creation in SharePoint


Pervasive Search in SharePoint

Pervasive Search

Delivers powerful search capabilities that enables users to easily find content throughout the knowledge base by means of pervasive search crawling across all workspaces.



Provides a choice for users to be notified via email when new content is added in a particular folder or when existing content is edited in the portal.

Lists in SharePoint

Lists and Customisable Forms

Serving the purpose of a simplified form or mini-database, a content list can be easily created to replace Excel sheets by making data immediately available at a glance and easily query important information. More complex forms can be created to capture data from external sources, make calculations and present them in a standard way.


Entity Management

Creates templates from existing document libraries, which can be reused multiple times to create similar document libraries that inherit the same structure and security features as the template folder.

Entity Management


Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

Enables the creation of workflow processes to route documents for review, approval and archiving, whilst sending progress notifications to workflow participants and assessing any causes of workflow delays.


Activity Management

Users organise their own tasks, generated as a result of a workflow, to facilitate visibility into upcoming deliverables and enable task progress reporting through e-mail based tasks with simple links to allocated actions.

Activity Management

Reporting Dashboards

Data from different line of business systems is presented into consolidated dashboards, enabling a complete view of individual and team progress status and KPI analysis.

Reporting Dashboard in SharePoint


Excel-Based Reports in SharePoint

Excel-Based Reports

Publish interactive, Excel-Based reports, enabling users to easily and securely share reports with other users and analyse and explore data in a familiar environment.


Business Connectivity Services

The collaboration solution can query data from multiple technology systems (e.g. the company’s leave management system) and publish them in the same solution interface.

Business Connectivity Services


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