Bridging the gap between business and technology

Government Services

“Exigy has been a key player in the successful implementation of the eID and mygov.mt projects, which have been effectively delivered within very restricted timeframes.”

Financial Services

“Novum Bank is growing rapidly and is constantly enhancing its IT systems and infrastructure to improve the company operations. Engaging Exigy as partner for a pilot project to develop and enhance our collaboration tool came naturally given their expertise and portfolio. The work and training that has been already delivered is exceptional and I look forward to a successful business relationship.” 

Retail Services

“We have been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the past four years and have always been provided with great customer service through Exigy’s support team representatives. In view of this, we are positively interested in benefitting from Exigy’s Dynamics NAV solution in the coming years.” 

Hospitality and Tourism

“The project developed for Hotel Tourist, despite its complexity, has not faced particular problems over the year.The guarantee of being able to manage our needs based on the increase of the structures, and acquisition of new hotels, is the main feature of the project.

During the year Exigy proved to be a reliable and highly professional partner, following us in the growth of the Group.”

“Exigy proved to be the ideal partner since the beginning, perfectly aware of all the dynamics and problems typical of our sector. They immediately understood all our business needs both from the management point of view and from the strictly operational one, adapting the system to all our requests and needs.

We can serenely affirm that we have established an excellent partnership.”

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