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Life at Exigy : Meet Noel!

Life at Exigy : Meet Noel!

They say a company is only as good as its employees, and we couldn’t agree more! This month, our senior solutions consultant, Noel, shares his personal experience about his role at Exigy, as well as some other fun facts about himself.

Tell us something about yourself and your work.

I work as an ERP Senior Solutions Consultant, and my work mainly involves dealing with the clients face to face, both during business development stages, as well as project work such as training. Meeting various customers coming from different industries has helped me develop my potential to learn different trades and further develop my skills.

Can you give us an idea of a typical day at the office? What parts of your position are most challenging and how do you overcome those challenges? What are your priorities daily?

I don’t really have a typical day. Sometimes I have off-site client appointments, while other times I start at the office. I usually begin my day with a list of planned tasks, but occasionally, I get the unplanned days, and these are usually the challenging ones. My top priorities are the client projects due to strict deadlines as agreed in our work orders.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

My greatest achievement was the stabilisation of a complex manufacturing system which required great patience and a cool state of mind.

How has working at Exigy helped you develop professionally in terms of achieving any goals or shaped any future targets? What does the role give you that you feel you did not already have?

The work ethos that we use at Exigy has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. I feel that I further strengthened my assertiveness, which is a skill required to deal with some clients (luckily, a minority!)

Describe your ideal co-worker

My typical co-worker is a person that can share his ideas with mine and discuss better ways to do things. Luckily we form a great team which focuses on sharing the information we learn.

What advice would you give to any newcomers at Exigy?

My advice would be to get on board and feel welcome to contribute to the company’s success. We are a professional company but we also have a social committee that is active throughout the year, busy organising interesting and fun activities for everyone.

What are you most known for in the office?

I used to be known for being clumsy at times, like opening doors in my colleagues’ faces, then spilling coffee as I walked by. Thankfully, these instances have decreased!

What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently at work?

One of the funniest things was going to a client first thing in the morning, and after spending around 1.5 hours in traffic and arriving on site, I was told that the client was waiting for me at our own offices.

When I informed our receptionist, I was told the client was going to wait for me to return to the office and when I did, I was called by the same client who told me he’d arrived at his own premises!! I was going nuts that day, but when I look back at it today, I find it hilarious.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off? What inspires you -- in the workplace or outside of the office?

I like to read a lot of books, especially thrillers and some non-fiction works about world Politics and current affairs. I also follow football and I am passionate about Liverpool FC.

Who are three people, alive or dead, whom you would love to invite over to dinner?

I would definitely invite Bill Shankly for his inspirational quotes. Another person would be Freddie Mercury and the third one J.K Rowling because I would like to ask her about her inspiration when writing her famous Harry Potter Books!

What is your favourite blog, technology-related or otherwise?

My favourite blog is TED’s – Ideas worth sharing. It is both interesting and inspirational.

If you could work for any business mogul/celebrity, who would you choose and why?

I would choose to work with the author Stephen King, I love his books!

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