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Life at Exigy : Meet Abel!

Life at Exigy : Meet Abel!

Hailing from the land of sugar-white beaches, cigars and Latin rhythms, Abel Garcia - who brings a taste of Cuban exoticness to Exigy - had a little chat with us to give us an insight into his life and experience at the company so far.

What’s your role at Exigy?

I joined the company in January 2017, as a Senior Solution Developer.

What’s it like as a foreigner working at Exigy?

The Maltese language is definitely the most difficult part - if it weren’t for that, I’d say I don’t feel like a foreigner at all. I wish I could make up for this and learn some Maltese at some point, but it is ‘diffiċli ħafna!’

What would you say you are mostly known for within the company?

It would be interesting to hear what my colleagues have to say. The Cuban one, perhaps? ‘Talkative’ probably also applies.

What do you like about the environment at Exigy?

The environment is friendly, and thanks to the social activities the company organises, we have proven many times that we get along pretty well, both in and out of the office. Kudos to the management and the social committee for ensuring some fun together fairly often!.

If you could have any skill/talent, what would it be?

The most precious resource one has is time, so if there’s such a thing as a superpower, I would definitely go for having the power of controlling time.

Describe your ideal and nightmare co-worker

I believe I can manage to get along and work with anyone. Problems, in general, arise when you expect more than what people can give, so you can sort of avoid them. However, I’ve had this personal belief strongly challenged a couple of times.

In my experience, a nightmare colleague would come in the form of a person who has a dangerous combination of apathy and some degree of insanity. But dealing with people possessing either one of those qualities - but not both - is doable.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

It is the opportunity to represent the company out there with direct customer interaction. Having the opportunity to bring them onboard and knowing they’re pleased with the solutions we envisage for their needs is the most rewarding bit for me.

How has working at Exigy helped you develop professionally?

A lot. In these (almost) two years, everyday has been a new experience. Sometimes you get quiet days, but the usual is dealing with a lot at the same time: clients, colleagues, pending tasks, new business opportunities. That keeps you performing at your best and pushing your abilities a bit further every time.

If you could meet a celebrity (dead or alive) for lunch, who would it be?

That’s a tough one. What about Satoshi Nakamoto, who in theory is the person behind Bitcoin. No one knows who he/she is, so meeting this person would put to rest a nice modern-day mystery.

If you were given a free, all-inclusive holiday for a week, where would you choose to spend it?

Probably somewhere in Asia, some place totally different to whatever I have seen so far.

What are your hobbies and passions?

Regularly, in my free time, I enjoy photography and playing squash. But something that I am really passionate about is travelling.

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