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The team welcomes the new year with the annual Exigy Kick-Off Event 2019!

The team welcomes the new year with the annual Exigy Kick-Off Event 2019!

Let's take a look at what took place in this year's anticipated instalment!

This year’s event took us to Palazzo De Piro in the picturesque city of Mdina on the 25th of January. The goal of Kick Off is to bring together all members of Exigy to discuss the coming year, setting key objectives for each department as well as further promoting teamwork and an organization-wide sense of collaboration. 

It was certainly great to see both new and experienced team members involved in the discussions and activities planned!

 “This event effectively celebrates the great successes achieved in 2018 and ensures that everyone’s on board with the direction the company is taking moving forward.  We need everyone to understand how their efforts are contributing to the achievement of our overall vision.” -Francois, our Executive Director.

This year, members were treated to a number of different talks by a combination of team representatives and guest speakers.

It was great to see our Solution Architect Robert’s presentation about the different capabilities of Microsoft Flows and the incredible flexibility of Microsoft PowerApps.

Andrei, our solutions manager, helped elaborate on the topic of Blockchain and why it is often referred to as the “invisible technology that is changing the world”.

“Blockchain is not Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Blockchain is the technology that will disrupt many legacy industries because of its transparency, agility and scalability.”

We certainly appreciated Andrei’s insight on the popular topic, as it certainly helped the whole team to better understand the finer details of Blockchain technology!

Next up was also Abel, who focused on elaborating how we can embrace AI in our solutions, with a few eye-opening examples that truly show AI as the way forward for most facets of business within the next few years.

“The amount of ‘new data’ being generated daily is insane, it is therefore impossible for human beings to analyse any of it without any aid. BI tools and AI tools are without any doubt a huge advantage draw quick and precise conclusions in really no time.” 

The highly-awaited guest talks also covered topics such as the GDPR and Digital Transformation being widely discussed.

The teams were also involved in several workshops, offering a more hands-on approach to discussing the key challenges and strategies that lie ahead of what seems to be a very exciting year for Exigy.

Last but certainly not least, we topped off our successful event with a memorable reception, giving us some time to unwind and enjoy some drinks and refreshments provided by the excellent service at Palazzo De Piro!

Special thanks go to the speakers, as well as all the participants of their respective workshops, who helped us achieve yet another great start to the year that lies ahead!

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