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Amy, Ian and Janice at Exigy!

Amy, Ian and Janice at Exigy!

Ian, Amy and Janice are university students who are currently pursuing a degree in Human Language Technology. Having recently finished a 3-month placement with Exigy, the students had an opportunity to work with a number of members from our team, whilst learning more about the fast-paced, exciting environment of a professional workplace.

We asked Ian, Amy and Janice a few questions about themselves, their inspirations and their overall experience working with Exigy. Here’s what they had to say:

Describe yourself in 3 words

Janice: Hard-working, Motivated, Perfectionist

Ian: Friendly, motivated and creative.

Amy: Methodical, motivated, easy-going.

What inspired you to take your current career and educational paths?

Ian: My two favourite subjects have always been languages and computing, so Human Language Technology is a perfect fit for me. I love Linguistics and what it teaches us about the human mind and society. I also love Artificial Intelligence and using it both to create useful systems as well as learn more about what "intelligence" really is. Using the two to create intelligent systems which can handle the use of language is ideal for me.

Amy: My current educational paths were inspired by past teachers who instilled in me a love for the humanities, whereas my problem-solving skills led me towards computing, so HLT allowed me to find a balance between those two loves. My current career path is in QA, and I intend to remain there for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that it is unrelated to my degree field. In the future, I would like to pursue postgraduate studies.

What would be your ideal work environment?

Janice: Somewhere where I can to be creative and share my opinion and ideas. A relaxed environment would be a bonus.

Ian: A place where I can put my knowledge and abilities to use on various systems. Friendly colleagues and flexible work hours would be great to have, too!

What message would you give to other University students?

Amy: Your first degree does not define your entire career, and the most important thing is that you feel fulfilled, not that you follow what other people tell you. You can change your direction at any moment, and this is okay.

Ian: Don't be afraid to try new things if you give them your all. At the same time, don't be afraid to start again if you need to, it can take time to find the perfect niche for your talents.

How did you find your experience at Exigy?

Janice: Working at Exigy was great. The people there are very friendly and make you feel part of the team from day 1. I also like the fact that I could apply what I'm learning in my course in the task I was given to work on.

Ian: I enjoyed working at Exigy, everyone was very friendly and accommodating. We were able to learn on a first-hand basis how to create training data for a chatbot and learn about the inner mechanisms of the overall bot. It was interesting, and exactly within our field of expertise.


What can you tell us about balancing University commitments and being involved in a work environment?

Janice: It is not an easy task. However, at the end of the day it is totally worth it. You learn very important skills that would be an asset in the work environment.

Amy: I'm a hardworking person who thrives on having things to do, while maintaining a variety of tasks. For me, having a solid job at which I have real responsibility and where people depend on me to get my work done is extremely important, and it allows me to use my skills without getting burnt out on University work. Finding the perfect balance between your commitments while considering your skill level and motivation to improve is the most important thing.

The team would like to wish Ian, Amy and Janice all the best in their studies!

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