Meet Manoel!

Meet Manoel!

At Exigy, we have a whole host of different personalities that help create a truly unique atmosphere. We sat down with Manoel, a Senior Solution Developer, to gain insight about his role and a more personal perspective about life at the company.

Tell us something about you and your role at Exigy.

I work as a senior solution developer at Exigy, which I’ve been doing for 6 years – ever since I graduated from University. I also form part of the company’s social committee which organises the bigger company-sponsored events as well as the casual ones. We love our Pub Fridays every few months, as well as summer BBQs. We also plan themed lunches such as bringing the traditional food of different countries and having beer and pizza for St. Patrick’s Day. This year we also organized Paintball and a trip to Gozo which was a company-sponsored event.

In my free time, my hobbies and interests mainly revolve around cars and sports, and I play squash with a colleague twice a week.

Can you give us an idea of a typical day at the office? What parts of your position are most rewarding?

I spend most of the day working on development, but I also see to clients’ requirements and provide support whenever needed. I’ve recently got involved in giving clients demos to show them how Microsoft Dynamics 365 works and all the possible customisations it offers. Understanding clients’ requirements can at times be quite challenging however at the end it is very fulfilling.

What’s the environment at Exigy like?

The atmosphere is pretty relaxed and quiet for the most part since everyone is focusing on their tasks. It’s a different story when we go for break though, and we do get our ‘crazy’ hours. I’d say roughly 50% of the employees are Maltese and 50% are foreigners; we’ve had all types here, anyone would fit in!

If you could work in any environment, what would it be?

I wouldn’t mind working near a pool, under an umbrella, with a portable A/C, while someone serves me cocktails. Exigy is quite flexible so we can work from home at times, but I prefer working from the office as I only feel my day has officially started once I’m there. Also working in a team boosts my motivation and we can lend a helping hand to each other.

We’d love to hear about a situation where you’ve overcome a significant obstacle on an important project.

Malta Gaming Authority’s IT team, Microsoft’s architect and I worked together for almost two years to customise the Microsoft Dynamics CRM backend and its Portal. It was extremely challenging to meet the tight deadlines we were given, so I’m proud to have been a part of successfully completing this project.

How has working at Exigy helped you develop personally and professionally?

Before I started here, I was excessively quiet and shy – to the extent that I wouldn’t even speak up to stick up for myself. I’ve definitely become much more assertive and communicative since getting this job. During your University years, you tend to live in a kind of bubble, where you’re mainly interacting with the same people of the same age. Through Exigy, which was my first ever job, I’ve met and dealt with a variety of clients and colleagues of different nationalities, and that has opened me up to a new world and given me the opportunity to grow both in confidence and as a person.

Professionally, I can’t even begin to compare the practical experience gained at work to what I learned at University. I’ve learned how to apply theory into practice, and thanks to the multiple Microsoft training courses I’ve had, you can say I’m a specialist in the CRM sector of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as its integrations with other systems.

How are you known at work?

Apparently, I’m the quiet (yet friendly) systematic one. I’m also quite analytical in general so I’m typically the one who notices if something is out of place.

If you could choose to live a second life as an animal, what animal would you be and why?

I’d be some type of bird to have the freedom to go anywhere and have a view of everything from above. In reality, though, I relate more to quiet dogs (but when I’m angry, stay away!)

Can you describe what your ideal co-worker would be like?

I appreciate it when colleagues take initiative and make an effort to try to solve a problem before asking for help. This shows they’re not just taking the easy way out and dumping everything on me. Working with someone who’s lazy and doesn’t collaborate with the rest of the team would be a nightmare. My ideal co-worker would also be friendly and easy-going – I have no problem with people speaking to me early in the morning!

What is the funniest thing that happened to you at work?

Actually, I’m still a little bitter about my rocky start here; I received a parking fine on the day of my interview! I guess it’s funny now – maybe not so much at the time…

Aliens invade the office on an otherwise normal Monday afternoon. What’s the first thing you do?

I’d grab my bag and run. I don’t have many personal items here so it wouldn’t matter.

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