Deliver Exceptional Service

with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Provide field service technicians with real-time guidance to improve resolution times for optimal client satisfaction

Effectively support your services.

Digitally transform your on-the-field processes through Microsoft Dynamics 365. React in real-time to issues, while being allowed to schedule technicians whenever they’re needed. Build customer loyalty by giving them the efficient delivery that they deserve.

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of projects require one or more additional follow-up visits
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of customers believe that time valuation is vital for satisfactory service
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over half of companies struggle to improve customer satisfaction results first-time

Digitally Transform your Services.

A fast-paced world needs fast, effective service and speedy responses. Through technology, speedy doesn’t have to mean rushed and poorly planned anymore. Unlock the potential of your business through modernized, unified service platforms.

How we do it.

The key components of digital transformation.

Working Schedule

Ensure that your organisation maintains a balanced workload through an intelligent workload and resource management system. Allow dispatchers to set up numerous work orders through real-time visualisation and status indicators for efficient response times. Match the right person with the right job, by matching the skill sets of each technician.
Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Field Service schedule board

Workload Management

Drag-and-Drop Schedule Board

Skill-Based Matchmaking

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Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Field Service SLA management

SLA Management

Billing through Dynamics 365 

Automated Maintenance Schedule

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Manage the terms and conditions of Service Level Agreements, while maintaining an automated renewal of contracts. Ensure that both the service and the billing are as specified within the warranty requirements for an accurate billing process. Enable automated maintenance schedules to instruct when to repair, clean or replace parts.

Field Service

Store product datasheets and complete work orders quickly by enabling service mobility on technicians’ mobile devices. Unify your processes through a central repository for all essential information, allowing information to be shared with multiple technicians. Enable technicians to get 360 degree customer preferences and history, allowing them to follow instructions on how to complete tasks.
Screenshot of work order in microsoft dynamics 365 field service

Work Order Progress Monitoring

Service Mobility

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Connected Services

Utilize IoT integration to aid troubleshooting issues, allowing for fast resolution times and optimised dispatch. Allow technicians to update work order progress by allowing them to take photos of completed work. Allow field technicians to access valuable information to get to a customer quickly and complete work orders by enabling device-integrated mobility.

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