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Business Intelligence

Giving everyone within the organisation a powerful way to work with data, Microsoft BI is based on SQL Server Technology, that provides enhanced security and scalability, having been voted as the least vulnerable database 5 years in a row.

The solution acts as an invaluable source of information for users at all levels of the organisation, providing one single version of the truth and enabling businesses to turn data into accurate and secure business information.

Microsoft BI enables users to fully benefit from the power of data, making it easy for all users to get access to the right data, at the right time, so they can make more informed decisions, while also giving IT the tools to manage data access, quality and compliance.


Enterprise-Scale Analytics

Empowers users to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytical solutions that leverage in-memory technology and provide interactive exploration of aggregated data.

Enterprise Scale Analytics


Operational Reporting

Operational Reporting

Provides users with access to a highly scalable platform with operational reporting functionality for pixel-perfect printing, browser-based viewing, and ad-hoc data exploration and visualisation. Enables collaboration and sharing of reports and data in a managed and secure environment within SharePoint.



Provides new self-service capabilities and empowers users with data discovery, analysis, and visual exploration, based on Excel. It uncovers hidden insights and facilitates ease of collaboration and access from anywhere through HTML5 and mobile applications.

Self-Service Reporting
BI Data Representation and Reporting

Data Representation and Reporting

Empowers users to build traditional, paper-oriented or fully-interactive, web-based reports with the familiar Microsoft Office look and feel, allowing them to personalise their reports to accommodate different audiences. Enables users to share reports within the Report Centre – a single, company-wide collaborative workspace.


Dashboard Designer

Enables building of scorecards and aggregates content from multiple sources with the dashboard designer, using advanced filtering, guided navigation, interactive analytics and visualisations for ad-hoc exploration.

Dashboard Designer


Reporting in SharePoint

Representing Data in SharePoint

Displays content within a web browser in an understandable and collaborative environment by means of interactive dashboards. Visualises KPIs and other reports in the form of scorecards and analytical reports, with advanced filtering, guided navigation and interactive analytical features. Provides status indicators through one-line reports that show whether performance is on or off target for a particular measure.

Data Representation in PowerPivot

Enables the creation of large multi-table data models with complex relationships and hierarchies and the creation of calculated fields and KPIs. Provides a holistic view of data that serves as the basis for PivotTables, PivotCharts and other aggregation features in Excel. Empowers users at all levels to mash-up data from virtually any source, delivering unmatched analytical performance. Allows data updates on a scheduled basis through automatic reports data refresh..

Data Representation in PowerPivot


Data Representation in Power View

Data Representation in Power View

Provides data analysis in an Office-like environment for users to easily switch between different visualisations. Delivers presentable reports, that are PowerPoint-ready, showing real-time data that can be presented anytime. Enables users to transform data with a single click, adding powerful timed animation sequences to quickly identify trends or anomalies. Provides users with browser-based data exploration and visualisation tools through interactive dashboards and reports.


BI Sites

Allows business users to quickly create BI sites for teams to share reports and data sets. Supports larger workbook viewing (up to 250MB), enabling users to view and interact with larger reports through their browser.

BI Sites


Data Questioning

Data Questioning

Allows people to type questions they have on the data in their natural language, and the system will interpret the question and present answers in the form of interactive visualisations.


Mobile Access

Delivers mobile access to reports from anywhere, enabling the navigation and exploration of browser-based reports in HTML5 and allowing access to favourite reports through a native mobile application.

Mobile Access
Enterprise Scale Data Model

Enterprise-Scale Data Model

Stores data in one scalable model that supports millions of records and thousands of users, with multiple ways of designing and building business logic, calculations and metrics. Provides a single model for BI apps, reporting, analysis, dashboards and scorecards, giving users a consistent view of their data.


Consolidated Analytics

Enables the analysis of large and complex data sets, empowering user to interact with an unprecedented amount of data at the speed of thought whilst enabling them to dig deeper to derive hidden patterns and trends.

Consolidated Analytics


Centrally Managed KPIs

Centrally-Managed KPIs

Provides enterprise-wide KPIs that are centrally managed to quickly evaluate progress made against measurable goals and spot opportunities. Different types of KPIs may be tracked for different business areas, depending on the business goals each area is trying to achieve.


Predictive Analytics

Delivers data for targeted analysis straight to the users’ desktop, enabling them to perform predictive analytics by identifying trends, problems and their root causes, relationships and predicting future outcomes.

Predictive Analytics


Multi-Dimensional Data

Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis

Stores data that has an arbitrary number of dimensions, enabling users to analyse and explore aggregated data interactively from multiple perspectives.


  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • AI 2013 Finance Award Winner
  • Microsoft Malta Partner of the Year

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