Supercharge Customer Relationships

through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Access customers anytime, anywhere, through multiple channels for optimal relationship management

Keep Customers Happy.

Encourage customers’ loyalty through a strengthened brand and personalized customer experience, enabled through Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Create a unified service experience, catered to the specific needs of customers.

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of clients expect consistency across all channels of contact
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creation of self-service forums and communities has increased by 81%
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of customers have a better view of brands with proactive customer service

Creating engaged customer service employees through digital transformation.

As customer relationships grow more and more crucial for businesses, organizations are looking to strike the right balance between facilitating their customer service agents and their customer experience. Achieve this through an automated platform based on industry best practices.

How we do it.

The key components of digital transformation.


Allow customers to open cases to track facilitate customer-agent interactions. Enhance customer experiences using customizable engagement across multiple platforms through real-time and historical customer activity. Efficiently automate customer resolutions through virtual agents.

Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Customer Service AI assisted customer relations

AI-Assisted Customer Relations

Personalised Engagement

Case Creation

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screenshot showing Nintex Custom Portals

Custom Portals

Customer Self-Service Portals

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Create engaging self-service portals for customers to enhance resolution times. Enable online customer support portals to allow customers to engage in organized, searchable interactions. Reduce client dependencies on agents through extensible product resources, enhancing self-service.

Agent Management

Provide real-time insights of service metrics through fully interactive dashboards. Give your agents the tools to effectively route their case resolution processes, while also tracking the progress of each agent. Sort all cases by priority, allowing your organization to track agents undertaking cases of high priority.
Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Customer Service interactive dashboard

Interactive Dashboards

Case Priority Management

Business Process Flow

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Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Customer Service knowledge analytics

Knowledge-Based Reporting

Knowledge Analytics

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Knowledge Management

Reduce escalations through increasing agent knowledge base by capturing content channels. Allow data gathered from service interactions and expert contributions to be stored in a unified location. Identify areas for growth and drive article efficiency to understand how knowledge gathered is used.

Support Service

Create service level agreements to define the level of service required while monitoring key performance indicators. Ensure that cases opened are associated with the correct business hours, considering time zone and business closures. Define customized KPIs for any identity that will be used with SLAs.
Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Customer Service SLAs

Service Level Agreements

Custom KPIs

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Keep Customers Happy

Creating highly engaged customer service employees

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