Artificial Intelligence

Utilize precise insights in real-time, empowering superior decision-making across your critical organizational workflows with innovative AI technology.

Transforming Processes with AI.

Empower your business to integrate data from diverse sources, creating customizable, detailed dashboards and reports. This ensures that key business decisions are made optimally, revolutionizing your organizational processes. Discover these cutting-edge AI capabilities below.

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Amplify Business Insights and Productivity.

Bring your business into the next generation of productivity, powered by Microsoft Copilot and Fieldstream. Leverage powerful AI in order to empower your Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Finance teams, building up on your existing digital transformation solutions.

Revolutionize Sales with AI

Streamline processes, create personalized sales content, and maximize productivity with AI-driven insights with Microsoft 365 Copilot for Sales.

Enhance customer interactions and seamlessly integrate with your CRM platform to maintain workflow continuity across all M365 applications. Transform your sales strategy and elevate your business with advanced AI capabilities.

Automated summaries of communication to guide seamless customer interactions.

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Effortlessly streamline tasks and communication using AI in Microsoft 365. Generate AI-powered emails, summaries, and content across Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Draft emails and schedule meetings efficiently with AI, utilizing CRM data and Microsoft Graph in Outlook.

Automatically create email and meeting summaries in Outlook and Teams, saving directly to your CRM platform. Leverage AI for creating impactful pitch decks, meeting briefs, and data visualizations in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Optimize productivity with integrated AI capabilities that enhance efficiency and collaboration across your organization.

Enhance customer relationships with personalized interactions through AI-supported insights and actionable recommendations. Seamlessly prepare for meetings by accessing comprehensive summaries of past meeting notes, emails, and opportunity details directly in Outlook and Teams.

During Teams calls, gain valuable in-call insights with AI-generated sales tips and instant access to relevant information, ensuring productive discussions. After calls, leverage AI-generated meeting summaries that include detailed keyword analysis, competitor mentions, KPIs, and suggested follow-up tasks. Elevate your sales strategy with integrated AI capabilities that optimize collaboration and drive meaningful business outcome.

Transform your sales operations with the power of AI seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365. Enhance efficiency by effortlessly sharing information between Microsoft 365 apps and your CRM platform. Use AI to capture and edit customer details directly within Outlook and Teams, syncing updates instantly with your CRM database.

Foster collaboration with deal rooms in Teams that automatically synchronize with CRM data and files. Share critical opportunities, leads, and account information as interactive contact cards in Teams, facilitating agile decision-making and maximizing productivity. Revolutionize your sales strategy with innovative AI capabilities designed to optimize every aspect of your workflow.

Quickly-generated contextual data to help assist the agent understand the reason behind the customer’s enquiry, for a faster resolution.

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Transform Customer Service with AI

Enhance service experiences with Copilot for Service, integrating AI tools that boost agent productivity and automate tasks within existing workflows.

Enable AI-powered conversations across all data sources and customize solutions to fit your contact center’s unique requirements for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Fuel transformative AI-powered conversations effortlessly by connecting seamlessly to your CRM, contact center systems, and other data sources, all while preserving your current solutions. Gain immediate access to comprehensive knowledge through out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and more, including your existing website and files.

Experience rapid deployment and reduced development timelines, ensuring swift time to production and immediate value addition. Customize Microsoft Copilot for Service effortlessly to align with your unique business requirements, with further customization options available through Microsoft Copilot Studio. Revolutionize your operations with Copilot’s adaptive capabilities, enhancing efficiency and maximizing business potential.

Empower your agents to excel with Microsoft Copilot seamlessly integrated into their everyday tools like Microsoft 365 apps, CRM services, and more. Boost productivity by enabling agents to effortlessly summarize cases, update CRM records, and draft emails directly within Outlook and Teams. Harness generative AI to provide instant, accurate responses sourced from knowledge bases, documentation, and agent handbooks, ensuring swift customer resolutions.

Embed Copilot into platforms such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk to further enhance agent efficiency and streamline operations across your organization. Revolutionize your customer service strategy with AI-driven tools designed to elevate agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Revolutionize Service Operations

Empower frontline teams with Microsoft Copilot for Field Service.

This advanced AI solution helps them resolve issues quickly and enhance customer experiences by enabling efficient data preparation, machine learning model development, and rapid insights extraction from structured and unstructured data, including text and images.

Engage with Copilot to retrieve relevant information about work orders using natural language interactions.

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Automatically populate pertinent customer data from emails into draft work orders, facilitating streamlined review processes for managers within their workflow.

Utilize data-driven recommendations to streamline technician scheduling based on factors such as travel time, availability, skill sets, and more, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Expedite customer response times by automatically drafting messages that summarize key details and outline next steps, leveraging AI to enhance communication efficiency.

Keep frontline workers engaged and productive with intelligent recaps that highlight essential information, allowing them to swiftly access key details without navigating entire work orders.

Track ongoing campaign performance using historical data for optimal marketing spend.

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Achieve Marketing ROI

Harness Fieldstream’s advanced analytics to streamline operations with automated data connectors, ensuring seamless data export from all marketing platforms. Stay agile with ongoing data collection and weekly updates for swift decision-making.

Visualize insights effortlessly through intuitive dashboards, optimize marketing spend with deep neural network analysis, and measure comprehensive impact—including global events and branding effects. 

Leverage AI and machine learning to evaluate marketing activities’ impact on key KPIs, enabling more informed decisions to achieve business goals.

Assess the efficiency of each media channel and create the optimal media mix for better resource allocation and enhanced marketing effectiveness.

Utilize predictive tools to plan/forecast future marketing investments, tracking campaign performance, and comparing predicted plans with actual outcomes.

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Utilize precise insights in real-time, empowering superior decision-making across your critical organizational workflows with innovative AI technology.

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