Innovate Retail Processes

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Utilize insights to improve retail operations and monitor product demand.

Efficient Point Of Sales For Changing Times.

As the retail industry adapts and evolves, so too must your business. A key balance between speed and efficiency must be met to truly gain a competitive advantage. This can be achieved through a scalable, easy-to-use platform like LS Retail. Empower your staff while obtaining key analytics to help drive your business forward.

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of customers look for unified experiences across channels
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of customers feel that their mobile device will become the main purchasing tool for retail
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Online sales have overtaken brick and mortar stores, with 51% of purchases made on phone

Deliver World-Class Experiences through Digital Transformation.

Put the customer’s experience at the center of your business operations. Obtain and analyse key purchasing data, while achieving an omni-channel approach to establish a unified brand experience.

How we do it.

The key components of digital transformation.

Point of Sale

Utilize the graphical interface of the Point of Sale, allowing stationary, tablets and mobile POS to all share the same application. Support multiple types of offers, such as Mix & Match, multibuy, discounts and promotions. Allow your staff to close transactions anywhere in the shop, finalizing the sale wherever the customer is.

Supporting multiple types of offers

Supporting multiple types of offers

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In-Store Management

Manage all your inventory processes in the back office or on hand-held devices, enabling your staff to handle inventory processes. Create and manage special offer campaigns to keep control of all sales deriving from the campaigns. Handle both paper and electronic labels, while also being able to print item labels for stock information.

Product Management

Quickly search for items and update item information. It is also possible to put items into one or more special groups. Create items for your different sales channels while updating prices and customer information. Implement the item import functionality to import files from vendors to create and update the company’s item master.
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Inventory Management

Prepare a season by allocating retail items to stores and plan buffer quantities for warehouses. Utilize multiple classes of forecasting methods to catch trends in sales history. Ensure optimal sales performance at all time through the use of smart dashboarding, allowing sellers to easily track objectives and key figures.

Staff Management

Plan rosters you need based on sales forecasts, role budgets and external factors such as the weather forecast. Review all key staffing information in a staff dashboard, detailing your staff’s costs per day, staff member, shift and store. Ensure that both back office and POS display exactly the information that each staff member needs.

Screenshot of LS Retail Staff Rosters

Staff Rosters through LS NAV

Staff Dashboard for Management

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Price Management

Set your prices based on a number of parameters, including time, date, place, and more allowing you to sell the same product at different prices. Integrate LOB applications, CRM and ERP functions to provide sellers with increased accessibility. Automatically apply offers to all sales, so your staff do not need to remember which promotions are going on.

Customer Loyalty

Offer customers flexibility by allowing retail operations to integrate within e-commerce platforms, providing customers with recommended products. Enable loyalty rewards and offers, while expanding them to mobile devices. Integrate POS, customer loyalty applications and e-Commerce portals using loyalty points awarded to users.

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Innovate Retail Processes

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