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After working alongside notable hotels within the industry, our Consultants have the expertise necessary to cater to the growing needs of hospitality businesses through the customization of one of Microsoft’s most cutting-edge technologies, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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of travellers expect a personalized customer experience when booking a stay at a hotel.
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of bookings in 2018 where done without any form of human interaction.
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of professionals feel that compliance is a key challenge within the industry.

An ERP solution for the hospitality sector.

The hospitality sector is often faced with numerous productive and logistical challenges. At Exigy, we understand these challenges and how best to tackle them through digital transformation. This is why we have successfully adapted our award-winning digital solutions so as to cater to the current market needs.

Digital Transformation & Hospitality.

How we enhance your business processes

Utilize key financial data in order to safely guide your business to effective growth. This can be achieved through the use of a unified, scalable financial management platform. Allow our team to help you find the right solution for your hospitality business.

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Synchronise Data Across Multiple Elements

Capture Key Information

Eliminate Paper-Heavy Processes

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Manage Costs And Profits

keeping tabs on costs and profits of every facet within your business can often be incredibly time-consuming. Our experts can assist you in exploring the possibility of a unified, easy-to-use financial dashboarding system found within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Capture Key Information

making the most of your data is key to long-term growth. Unlock your establishment’s full potential through cutting-edge dashboarding and financial reporting.

Eliminate Paper-Heavy Processes

the time of massive mounds of paperwork is long gone! Take your business to the next step in digital evolution through the smooth migration of all your business’ key processes to a digital platform.

Ensure that your business is appropriately equipped at all times. Through the integration of advanced inventory management systems, long gone are the days of excess or limited inventory.

Screenshot of Business Central inventory management

Track All Consumables

Manage All Orders

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Manage Your Food Inventories

tracking food inventory is one of the most time-sensitive challenges faced by the hospitality sector. Ensure that all aspects of the inventory are effectively monitored through the use of an industry-leading Enterprise Resource Management system.

Track All Consumables

another challenge often faced by businesses within the hospitality sector include the management of consumables. Effectively keep tabs on all forms of consumables, from toiletries to hotel supplies, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Manage All Orders

utilize order management to ensure that your business makes the most of its supply chain. Track the progress of each other, while being able to easily monitor the costs and demand of your supplies.

Enhance operating efficiency and deliver exceptional guest experiences through the implementation of PMS software that integrates with the rest of your system seamlessly.

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HotelCube PMS Integration

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Opera Integration

already making use of Opera PMS? We’re here to help fortify your system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology while making use of more of your data.

Symphony Integration

existing users of Symphony CRM are also able to seamlessly integrate their systems with Dynamics 365 technology. 

HotelCube Integration

users of HotelCube can easily integrate their legacy system to further aid their migration to a truly digital hotel system.

Quickly adapt to changing business needs through innovative changes assisted by smart, adaptive intelligence. Make the right choices, at the right time with AI-powered insights.

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Forecast Your Cashflow

Analyse Your Business Performance

Gain Smart Insights

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Forecast Your Cashflow

Ensure that your projections are as accurate as possible through smart, intelligence-driven technologies, powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Analyse Your Business Performance

Through data-powered insights, evaluate your business performance to reach new heights within your industry.

Gain Smart Insights

Benefit from smart, cutting-edge insights that can assist your business to move in the right direction through the analysis of current data as well as future projections.

Enable stores within your business are capable of operating at the highest level, to ensure a positive customer experience. A unified system between shops and the rest of your business will also encourage transparency and efficiency throughout.

Screenshot of LS Retail food inventory

Integrate With POS

Fiscal Printer Integration

Simplified Customer Experiences

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Fiscal Printer Integration

ensuring compliance is of utmost importance for every business. Integrate legacy fiscal printers with a unified, digital platform to ensure greater transparency.

Integrate With POS

ensure that your stores are well equipped for any volume of sales through a digital Point of Sales system that integrates with your unified digital platform, achieved through LS Retail.

Simplified Customer Experiences

Achieve positive customer experiences through added mobility, customer engagement and a simplified way to encourage customer loyalty, all in one unified platform.

From 1st January 2019, companies will have to send and receive invoices in electronic format. For this reason, Exigy has partnered with one of the best providers in the sector in the field of electronic invoicing and substitute document retention.


ARxivar is an accredited service that allows you to:

Store XML invoices in a single platform fully integrated with Microsoft Navision

Send invoices to the ES and manage receipts and notifications

Receive XML invoices and send notifications of acceptance and rejection

Search and consult the invoices issued, accompanied by messages and notifications from the ES, from any mobile device

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