Convert leads productively

through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Locate and secure leads while utilizing winning sales visibility on a unified platform

Convert leads into opportunities.

The key to mastering your sales processes is the ability to convert interested leads into customers. Through Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business can efficiently track product demand, foster client relationships and provide a more personal experience to customers, all achieved through a unified platform.

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of sales reps ignore over half of leads generated through marketing
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less than 22% of businesses are satisfied with their lead conversion
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content consumption on LinkedIn has gone up by 21%

Align sales and marketing through digital transformation.

Increase your return on investments through connecting and aligning your sales and marketing teams. Operate with shared information and goals, encouraging collaboration and closely monitoring results through a unified platform in Dynamics 365.

How we do it.

The key components of digital transformation.

Campaign Management

Easily create professional emails with personalised messages and deliver campaigns at the perfect time to engage with your leads. Create and publish professional-looking landing pages to attract and capture website visitors. Stay on top of imminent campaign timelines through the use of marketing calendars with Office 365 integration.
Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Marketing Calendar

Marketing Calendars

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Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Marketing Pipeline

Customer Journey

Lead Scoring

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Track the journey of a customer, from lead to active buyer, while using key insights for progress. Segment audience lists by demographic or behaviours and match your content to your customers’ interests. Identify your best leads and enable teams to focus on high-value prospects with a flexible lead scoring model based on campaign behaviour.


Collect insights gained from marketing campaigns, while also using data from social media to acquire guidance for key decision-making. Maximise ROI with configurable dashboards and reports to track campaign performance. Power BI integrates with several pre-built content packs, providing insights and analytics across the sales and marketing process.

Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Analysis

Dashboards & Reports

Marketing Insight AI Integration

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Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Marketing Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

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Event Management

Create streamlined event registration portals to improve attendance and overall event experience. Gain insight into event sessions with real-time visibility into attendees’ behaviour at events, webinar and improved logistics with QR codes and wait lists. Get your webinar up and running quickly with ON24, a Dynamics 365 webinar partner.

Digitally Transform Your Business

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Convert leads into productive opportunities

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