Business Intelligence through Power BI

Accurate insights, on-demand, everywhere, driving better business decisions throughout your key organisation processes with a leading Microsoft business intelligence platform.

Intelligent Business Analytics.

Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform allows your business to unify data from various sources in order to generate customizeable, detailed dashboards and reporting ensuring that key business decisions are taken in the best way possible. Explore these business intelligence functionalities below.

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Better decisions
with Power BI.

Unlock next-level reporting and insights through Microsoft Power BI’s intelligent, Data Driven capabilities. Keep your business safe with safety practices that keep compliance in mind. Take your business anywhere with Mobilized Reporting, while integrating Microsoft’s business intelligence tools.

Business Intelligence for Everyone

A data-driven culture is one in which decisions are made based on data rather than sentiments or intuition.

Power BI assists businesses in accomplishing this by easily delivering business intelligence assets (such as real-time reports and dashboards) to everyone in an organisation.

Screenshot of Power BI showcasing sales reports powered by business intelligence

Combine data needs through a single platform for a consolidated view of your business data.

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Power BI seamlessly integrates self-service and enterprise analytics, catering to diverse analytics needs. It offers advanced semantic models, an ALM toolset, an open connection architecture, and pixel-perfect paginated reports. Whether you’re an analyst or a large organization, the Business Intelligence tool provides a comprehensive solution for efficient analysis and reporting.

Screenshot of Microsoft Azure integration with Power BI analytics

Create deeper, more helpful insights using the data reporting capabilities of Power BI and Azure’s data management features.

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Watch Your Data Come to Life

The use of intelligence to provide useful insights and improve decision-making is valuable. Power BI simplifies the visualization of data using various charts and maps to help tell stories about the data.

Its capabilities allow for easy creation of well-organized reports and interactive dashboards that can be filtered in real-time to gain more helpful insights.

Elevate your organization’s competitive edge by leveraging the combined power of Power BI and Azure. Connect, combine, and analyze your entire database seamlessly, unlocking valuable insights for informed decision-making and strategic initiatives. Experience streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration, and data-driven success through this dynamic integration.

AI-Powered Guidance

Use Microsoft AI to your team in preparing data, building machine learning models, and fast finding insights from both structured and unstructured data, including text and pictures.

Screenshot of Power BI integrating data to generate supply chain report

Find answers fast with industry-leading AI. 

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The solution boasts a robust set of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that empower customers to extract maximum value from their data and reports. With its integrated AI features, Power BI offers three cutting-edge AI visualizations that developers can leverage to delve deeper into their data, unravel hidden insights, and uncover elusive trends that might otherwise go unnoticed. By harnessing the power of AI, Power BI enables users to enhance their analytical capabilities, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. These sophisticated AI visualizations act as a powerful ally, helping organizations unlock the full potential of their data and extract actionable intelligence that drives business success.

Screenshot of Microsoft Power BI showcasing deployment pipelines capabilities

Utilizing business data ensures that BI content is consistent and accurate at all times.

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Efficient and Accurate BI Content

Using simple visual indicators in deployment pipelines, quickly spot discrepancies and confidently transfer content from development and testing to production.

The tool offers various security capabilities that enable customers to protect sensitive data while complying with security and compliance requirements. The platform employs Microsoft’s Cloud App Security feature to detect and combat cyber threats across Microsoft and third-party cloud services. Power BI’s sensitivity labels and encryption features also enhance data security. The platform’s row-level security (RLS) enables developers to assign specific data access privileges to different users, useful for organizations with restricted data access requirements.

Effortlessly Connect to a Variety of Data Sources

Power BI is a robust data analytics platform that offers a wide range of connectivity options to various data sources. These sources include file-based data sources such as Excel and CSV, database sources such as Oracle database and Snowflake, and web data sources such as Salesforce and Adobe Analytics.

Screenshot of Power BI integrating data from external Excel sheet source

Get unparalleled Excel interoperation through integration with Power BI.

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Seamlessly connect your Excel queries, data models, and reports to dashboards, revolutionizing the way you acquire, analyze, publish, and share your Excel business data. By leveraging this integration, you gain the ability to swiftly incorporate Excel data into your Power BI dashboards, expanding the possibilities for data exploration and visualization. This seamless connectivity allows for a smooth transition from Excel-based workflows to a more dynamic and interactive analytics environment. Harness the power of Power BI to unlock the true potential of your Excel data and discover new insights that drive informed decision-making across your organization.

Screenshot of Microsoft Power BI showing the real-time dashboarding of bus repairs business

Integration between Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate allows data to lead to optimal, automated action.

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Convert Insights into Action

With Microsoft Power Platform, you can simply develop business apps and automate workflows by integrating Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate to get from data to insights and insights to action.

Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to Business Intelligence is evident through continuous investments and updates. With a constant stream of new features and enhancements, Power BI remains one of the most valuable and reliable data analytics tools globally. Users can rely on Microsoft’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve and providing an exceptional user experience.

Real-time Stream Analytics

Gain visibility right now, not just for historical data. Get real-time insights from manufacturing sensors to social media sources so you’re always prepared to make quick judgments.
Screenshot of Microsoft Power BI real-time steaming analytics dashboard

Utilize real-time data obtained from several data sources to ensure a thorough overview of your business performance.

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An additional compelling advantage of Power BI is the availability of Power BI apps. These apps serve as a remarkably convenient solution for report developers seeking to distribute Power BI content to a diverse range of consumers. Whether you’re targeting large groups, an entire organization, or even an individual, Power BI apps offer an efficient and streamlined approach. By packaging relevant reports, dashboards, and datasets into an app, developers can effortlessly distribute tailored content to their intended audience. This not only ensures a focused and personalized user experience but also simplifies content management and ensures data consistency across the organization.

With Business Intelligence, report developers have a powerful tool at their disposal to share valuable insights and drive data-driven decision-making across diverse user groups, delivering immense value to both creators and consumers alike.

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