Business Intelligence

data visualisation through Microsoft Power BI

Accurate insights, on-demand, everywhere, driving better business decisions throughout your key organisation processes.

Intelligent Business Analytics.

Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform allows your business to unify data from various sources in order to generate customizeable, detailed dashboards and reporting ensuring that key business decisions are taken in the best way possible.

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Better decisions
with Power BI.

Unlock next-level reporting and insights through Microsoft Power BI’s intelligent, Data Driven capabilities. Keep your data safe with safety practices that keep compliance in mind. Take your business anywhere with Mobilized Reporting, while integrating Microsoft’s unified Power Platform.


How we do it.

The key components of digital transformation.


Benefit from Power BI’s easily personalised dashboards for a fully customizable user experience. Obtain smart real-time analytics for time-sensitive processes while analysing big data using Azure’s no-limits data lake.
Screenshot of Power BI Dashboard

Easily personalize dashboard

Analyse big data with Azure

Obtain and utilise real-time analytics

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Screenshot of Power BI real-time data

Gain real-time insight

Utilise enterprise-wide analytics

Gain insights based on available data

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Ensure enterprise-wide analytics with real-time insights to provide non-data scientists to easily prepare data and build machine learning models quickly and easily. All this is achieved while receiving helpful reports based on available data.

Compliance & Security

Protect your data, utilizing Role-based restricted access to key information based on specific role permission, while selectively choosing which data is stored on the cloud. Achieving GDPR Compliance is also aided by establishing data retention policies for sensitive data.
Screenshot of Microsoft Power BI Compliance

Role-based restricted access

Selective data pushed to the cloud

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Increase accessibility through Power BI, allowing you to have the right data available at any time. Motivate employees to achieve their goals through real-time KPI monitoring, available on any device, all the while tracking important updates through push notifications.


Power Platform is more than data-driven insights. PowerApps can be used to enhance your business processes by integrating data insights generated by Power BI. Integrations with Microsoft’s Azure Stream Analytics will give you added accuracy through IoT-enabled technologies.
Screenshot of PowerApps

It’s more than just data

POWERAPPS Integration

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Digitally Transform Your Business

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Intelligent Business Analytics

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