Business Process Automation

through Microsoft Power Automate & Nintex

Benefit from cost-effectiveness & productivity gains throughout your organisation using BPA technology.

Get the most out of your workflows.

Supercharge your workplace through utilizing technologies that can automate time-consuming regular tasks. Free up more resources for more complex activities, while letting your BPA platform do the rest.
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of current paid activities can be automated by today's technology.
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of an office worker’s total days a year are spent on administrative tasks
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CEOs spend 20% of their time on tasks that could be automated

Digitize your most time-consuming processes.

In a modern workplace, IT teams have less time for traditionally repetitive tasks. Help your resources to unlock their full potential through utilizing Business Process Automation to take care of administrative, everyday tasks.

How we do it.

The key components of digital transformation.


Enable your business to create a form with user-friendly, responsive forms designer. Improve User Experience through Conditional formatting and validation, allowing end-users to see only the fields that are necessary. Receive and share crucial data in minutes, allowing customers to submit feedback on any device with mobile-ready, responsive enterprise forms software.
screenshot showing Nintex Form builder

Easy-to-Use Form Builder

Improved User Experience with Nintex BPA

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Screenshot of Nintex Business Process Automation next to mobile version

Mobilized Workforce with Nintex BPA

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From your mobile device, complete and submit a form to kick off a workflow, respond to requests, collect signatures, and more. Capture data, fill forms, review documents, and even generate documents while offline. Avoid frantic searching for files during a busy call. In Microsoft Teams you can access, share, and edit files in real time.

Advanced Workflow

Easily conceptualize your workflows to achieve the best results for your business by utilizing a drag-and-drop builder. Deploy automated workflow solutions that help deliver projects on time with fewer opportunities for errors. Send automated messages wherever your team works, collaborate on content, and leverage built-in business logic and state machines.
screenshot showing Nintex Advanced Workflow

Conceptual Workflow Design

Generate, Sign and Store Documents

Simplified Collaboration Across Channels

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screenshot showing Nintex bots

Scaled Automation through Nintex BPA

Automate Across Multiple Applications

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Robotic Process Automation

Only pay for the processes you automate, not the number of bots or even the new processes you deploy. Utilize an intuitive visual drag & drop tool,  to introduce efficiencies across the organization. Make use of over 300 actions to get automated tasks running in minutes.

Process Intelligence

With business process analysis, you can easily determine what you need to measure, track, and improve to streamline your business operations. Automatically collect critical data using analytics lenses to understand key consumption metrics. Through Nintex, you can collect data from customer support workflows to track customer satisfaction levels for effective customer relationship management.
screenshot showing Nintex actionable insights

Visualise your Business

Measure Key Metrics

Customer-Centric Processes

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Digitally Transform Your Business

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Managing IT’s most time-consuming processes

Business Process Automation

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Digitally Transform Your Business.

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