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To address the growing challenges that come with the health industry, innovative solutions are required. This is why our team, through the use of best practices, industry-leading technology and expertise in the field, Team Exigy is ready to ensure that your organization is ready for the next step in its evolution.
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Only 7% of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have said that they have gone digital, compared to 15% in other industries
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of all medical practitioners are using electronic health record (EHR) systems
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using Nintex, workflow approval speed within Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals increases by more than 80% on average

Digitally transforming your health processes.

Through our experts’ experience working with various leaders within the Health industry, we understand the complex productive and logistical problems that come into play on a nearly daily basis. This is why our digital solutions, powered by innovative tools from Microsoft and Nintex, are there to ensure the smooth sailing of the various processes that are crucial to the operating of your health-based organization.

Digital Transformation Within The Health Industry.

How we enhance your business processes

Improved Cancer Referrals

When it comes to detecting early signs of cancer, time is of the essence. This is why the Fast Track platform allows medical practitioners to utilize electronic ticket referrals in order to speed up the process between first referral to treatment.

Instant Risk-based Scoring

Upon entering patient symptoms, the Fast Track platform is able to give practitioners a quick risk evaluation for each case, leading to a shorter wait between referral and treatment.

Workflows For Cancer Types

Various types of cancers all require different types of operational workflows. The Fast Track platform utilizes different workflows to better suit each specific cancer referral pathway.

Integration Of Service Level Agreements

Cases approaching the established SLA guideline will notify the relevant practitioner and will display on the tracking dashboard.

Reporting & Insights

Through utilizing key data, reports can be generated based on variables such as average SLA completion time, instances of a specific cancer in each locality, etc. to identify trends and insights.

Easier Process Automation

Easily set up workflows for any of the various administrative processes that form part of a hospital’s day-to-day operations and eliminate human error through automated, efficient workflows gathered within a unified portal.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

The drag-and-drop nature of the Nintex platform allows for both forms and workflows to be customized to the specific process that requires automation. This allows workflows to be built easily without the need to rely on power users.

Visual Timeline

Accompanying Nintex’s intuitive forms is also a graphical component which allows the user to get a top-down view of what to expect for both the workflow itself as well as for SLAs. This gives users a clearer picture of the general flow of each process.

Multi-language Forms

Processes that require forms in more than one language can be easily created using the multi-language functionality. Users are now able to switch between languages seamlessly, proving for an intuitive user experience.

Connect Mortuary Entities

The collaboration between Funeral Directors and Mortuary Staff is often a time-consuming and paper-heavy process. The use of the digital Mortuary Platform allows for a seamless, transparent collaboration to occur between the two, through a unified online platform.

Corpse Registration And Release

The process of registration of a corpse is now made simpler through the use of dedicated forms which integrate with the mortuary database for a seamless and organized pickup.

Funeral Scheduling

Using available data, Funeral Directors are now able to easily schedule funerals, taking into account any scheduling limits and avoiding any possible clashes all on one portal.

Departure Book

Ensure transparency between funeral directors and mortuary administration through a centralised Departure Book. Audit Logs are also available, allowing authorized users to view all changes that were done to a corpse’s data.

Real-time Notifications

Funeral Directors and Mortuary Staff also receive real-time notifications of any updates regarding the status of a corpse ready for release or any upcoming scheduled funerals, ensuring that users have full visibility.

Track Infectious Diseases

The identification of infectious diseases is a highly complex task which has to be addressed as fast as possible. The National Electronic Disease Surveillance System is an electronic platform that utilizes disease surveillance best practices while integrating case ticketing and cluster identification.

Contact Tracing

The registration of additional contacts of active cases is able to assist in contact tracing efforts, ensuring that the people nearest to the active case are able to be contacted swiftly and directly. The platform also has the ability to group active cases for group infection.

Outbreak Management

The NEDSS platform also caters for the possible identification of outbreaks. Through identifying trends in the origin of individual cases, the platform allows for grouping and notification when a significant number of cases have the same source.

Investigation & Confirmation Status

NEDSS utilizes both an investigation status and a confirmation status. Both components exist so as to register all the available data obtained during the identification phase for the potentially infectious disease.

Easy Treatment Tracking

For many individuals, keeping track of when to take prescribed medicine can be a difficult task, especially when more than one form of medicine needs to be taken. Our Mobile App allows patients to be reminded of their upcoming medicines, as well as keeping their doctor in the loop for any noteworthy updates.

Easy Doctor Contact

The Patient App allows for the quick and easy contact of patients’ doctors, through the listing of key contact data for the respective data found on the app. Additional contacts such as carers or family members can also be created and granted visibility of the patient’s medicine schedule.

Mobile Notifications

The application also ensures that no medication is missed. Not only does the application’s dashboard outline any missed or pending medicine, but it also provides SMS or mobile push notifications to either the patient or their contact person.

Alexa Integration

The application can also be used as part of the AI-aided personal assistant Alexa. Notifications can be registered onto Alexa, ensuring that patients are informed in any other devices that are connected to the system.

Emergency Notifications

The application is also efficient in emergency situations. Should the patient miss a significant number of medicine reminders, the app handles an optional setting which may inform the doctor, carer or family member.

Manage Metrics Effectively

The regular monitoring of your organization’s progress on specific metrics is a highly valuable asset. Through the Digital Scorecard platform allows for your Health Organization to track the metrics of specific departments over any duration of time.

Kpi Tracking

The Health Digital Scorecard solution allows your organization to generate metric-based evaluations which are then compared with the established targets for the respective period. This helps give your management in strategic planning as well as the identification of potential pitfalls.

Branch Comparison

The Scorecard system also provides your organization with the ability to compare respective branches or departments within the same entity on the basis of the same metrics provided. This allows management to assess how departments are doing in contrast to each other.

Auditing & Transparency

Ensure that no changes to data go unnoticed, with audit logs detailing which users have conducted the respective updates. Data is also uneditable once reports are finally completed, ensuring true transparency within your organization.

Improved Patient Experience

Ensuring that patients are given the best possible healthcare experience is of the utmost importance. To meet the fast-paced demands and obstacles, we provide a digital, intuitive platform that utilizes technology to put the management of patient’s data first, while also ensuring that their feedback is always listened to.

Knowledge-based Customer Care For Patients

To ensure that patients concerns are met, adopting the ‘Customer Care’ approach is a must. Through Microsoft Dynamics 365, your organization can consistently deliver the tailored service patients expect across channels using 360-degree patient views to accurately meet the patient’s expectations.

Patient Engagement Reports

Having the ability to learn from previous interactions is also highly useful. Through the solution’s Dashboarding and Reporting, it’s possible to get smart reports based on previous interactions so as to be able to identify trends to improve future patient interactions.

Patient Health Record Management

Taking care of patient health records is often a paper-heavy process. Utilizing a platform that allows for all health records to be stored safely and securely eliminates a significant obstacle for the administration of your healthcare organisation, as well as ensuring that a central repository is used throughout

Appointment Workflow

Managing appointments can be an administrative nightmare, and may lead to a negative impact on patients. This creates frustration in an already delicate situation. This is why having a unified system can help patients to easily schedule their appointments, while also receiving SMS and email reminders to ensure that no appointment is forgotten.

Manage Supplies Bidding

The manual process of requesting for quotes is often considered to be a significantly time-consuming task. This is often coupled with a lack of transparency or little room to cultivate relationships with suppliers. However, our Bid Management system ensures that all of these issues are addressed through an intuitive, smart platform with a 360° view of the entire process.

Varied Templates For RFQs

Different supplies may require different bidding formats. To accommodate this, the HSBN contains various templates for numerous bidding types, as well as the ability to customize other templates to suit specific supplies that need to be purchased.

Recurring RFQ Campaigns

Some supplies require repeat Requests for Quotations. To address this, our solution allows for certain RFQs to be automatically recurring after a set amount of days, ensuring that the supplies are still requested while saving precious resource time.

Dashboards & Reporting

It is vital to have a centralized location where potential bidding and cost trends may be analysed. Using superior dashboarding and reporting capabilities, your organization can identify confirmed bids by supplier, the amount spent per month, or any other filter that may be of assistance for your decision-makers.

Increased Bidding Transparency

Preventing other suppliers from viewing rival supplier bids is of the utmost importance to ensure a fair environment. The platform also provides the logging of existing communications with suppliers, to ensure that all messages and agreements can be accessed from a centralized portal.

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