Finance Management

with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Monitor performance, predict future outcomes and take guided decisions for business growth

Achieve true financial visibility

Automate global financial operations, while being able to monitor performance in real-time dashboarding. Ensure proactivity by allowing insights to predict future outcomes based on available data, to allow your organization to thrive

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A modern business management solution

Your customers’ needs have evolved. Ensure that your business is ready to evolve with them through the use of automated, adaptable applications that connect your business and your resources like never before.

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Manage multiple budgets for identical time periods to analyse budgeted vs. actual amounts. Utilize automated deferrals and task prioritization with Office 365 integration to enhance business performance.
Screenshot of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Automated Deferrals

Automate Deferrals

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Screenshots of Business Central approval workflows

Purchase Order Management

Sales Order Management

Approval Workflows

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Payables & Receivables

Manage purchase order processes and register key data such as invoice details for purchase order processing, while also managing each respective sales order. Protect business-critical information through approval workflows to notify decision-makers when a change has happened for their review.

Fixed Assets

Keep track of fixed assets and transactions such as acquisitions, depreciations and write-downs. Register insurance policies, allowing you to accumulate information about each insurance policy on an insurance card. Manage fixed asset maintenance to record various types of maintenance.
Screenshots of Business Central Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets

Fixed Asset Maintenance

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Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Business Central Bank Reconciliation

Bank Account Management

Bank Reconciliation

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Bank Management

Manage multiple bank accounts catering to diverse business needs across different currencies. Reconcile your bank statement data automatically to open bank account ledger entries and track bank statements. Enable your system to easily submit vendor payments electronically in SEPA ISO 200022 payment format.


Add unlimited dimensions to ledgers for transaction analyses. Get insight into data stored in your chart of accounts through Account Schedules. Analyse figures in general ledger accounts and compare GL entries. Track financial solvency through Cash Flow Forecasts and analyse historic data and make cash flow predictions.
Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Business Central Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecast

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Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Business Central intercompany postings

Intercompany Postings

Consolidate Data From Multiple Companies

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Intercompany Postings for a simplified transactions between companies through a common chart of accounts. Consolidate across companies with different charts of accounts and different fiscal years and currencies. Manage multiple currencies throughout the system, including payables, receivables and general ledger reports.

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