Business Central: Industry-Leading Productivity Software

How does Business Central distinguish itself as the industry’s leading productivity software? Our experts discuss the platform’s features.

If you own a business, you probably start your day at home, answering emails first thing in the morning. You know your clients and vendors, and you’re still active in day-to-day operations because you built the company from the ground up.

However, as your firm grows in size, your business operations become more complex. Each email adds something to your to-do list, which usually necessitates switching to another application. Accounting software is used to create an invoice, a CRM system is used to manage your contacts and sales pipeline, and possibly another manufacturing solution is used to track products or inventories.

Switching between fragmented, stand-alone systems takes effort and frequently necessitates duplicate data entry. This decreased productivity limits your potential to scale and takes time away from developing new business. You’re probably thinking about switching to software for office productivity in order to keep up with your expansion. In fact, you are not alone. The Harvard Business Review shows that companies that embrace productivity-boosting technologies and tools are 40% more likely to be top performers in their industry.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based productivity software that enables you to complete administrative activities quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on the big picture and your team to spend more time serving customers. 

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But how does BC distinguish itself as the best productivity software? Our experts discuss the platform’s features and how they can eventually improve customer experiences and company performance.

Connect people, processes, and systems

Reimagine productivity with Dynamics 365 and Office 365 

Microsoft’s connected business solutions help bring everything together so that your employees don’t have to. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Office 365 work together to 

  • Increase productivity by reducing time spent switching between stand-alone apps
  • Promote collaboration and communication by breaking down internal silos and broadening visibility across the organisation
  • Accelerate user adoption and reduce training time through a unified user experience

Work where business takes you

As a business owner, consider receiving an email from a high-priority customer who requires an order to be delivered quickly. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can find and act on information without having to search multiple systems or coordinate with other departments. You check inventory without leaving your inbox and learn that you do not have enough stock on hand to fulfil the request.

You create and send both a purchase order to the vendor and a quote to your customer through the same interface, moving on to your next activity in minutes. Workflows in Dynamics 365 also help you safeguard procedures and work on the go. Assume you are away from the office and receive an email informing you that a sales quote has surpassed your established 10% maximum discount. You rapidly evaluate the quote and check the customer’s order history, account status, and credit limit from your mobile inbox. You make an informed decision to accept the discount, which automatically updates the quote and notifies the sales representative that it is ready to be sent to the customer.

With Dynamics 365 and Office 365 collaborating, you can take quick action right from your email, freeing up time to manage your business and connect with customers.

Improve Customer Interactions

You understand how important it is to keep your sales staff linked both in the office and on the road. Dynamics 365 and Office 365 simplify and automate daily processes, allowing your sales staff to focus on sales management. Your sales representative receives an email from a customer asking for a quote on some items. The system recognises the sender, allowing him to quickly access customer cards in Outlook.

He evaluates the account via this dashboard, including the customer’s existing bids, active orders, and sales history. Customer and product information auto-populate as he creates the quote, allowing him to complete it more quickly. While he was delivering the sales quote, a note from a possible customer he met at a recent event arrived in his inbox. The system detects that their email address does not exist in the customer database and prompts them to enter it. He builds their profile in the Dynamics 365 app without leaving Outlook. This type of automation saves time spent on administrative tasks, allowing your sales team to respond to inquiries more quickly and, as a result, improve customer interactions.

Simplify Reporting and Make Better Decisions

Your accountants are in charge of a critical aspect of the business. Dynamics 365 makes an accountant’s life easier by streamlining month-end close and reducing data entry errors. Her day begins in the Dynamics 365 app, where she is creating the monthly profit and loss statement.

She has to alter numerous invoices at once, so she launches Microsoft Excel and opens the invoice list. She adds a fresh batch of invoices and updates the status of numerous others in a matter of minutes. She publishes the data back to the Dynamics 365 app with a single click, where it is instantly refreshed. She uses Microsoft Power BI to do a more in-depth study of the month’s revenue. She has several options for analysing Dynamics 365 data, including the revenue information she recently updated. She receives insights that traditional reports cannot provide through rich visuals and unique dashboards.

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an end-to-end perspective of your business as well as built-in information. Visit our Financial Services page to explore more of the functionality offered by the industry-leading platform.

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