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The public sector is pivotal in ensuring that citizens are able to make use of governmental services that improve their quality of living. However, maintaining a reliable, unified solution for citizen needs is no simple task.

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Solving Obstacles in Public Sector.

Our expertise in addressing needs within the public sector have allowed us to create several solutions through the use of both bespoke software as well as powered by industry-leading technology such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint.

Digital Transformation & Public Sector

How we enhance your business processes

Authenticate, secure and protect citizens by utilizing an electronic identity solution that can seamlessly integrate with the rest of your government services.
Screenshot of Malta Electronic Identity Management system

Electronic Identity

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Electronic Identity

Make use of an Electronic Identity Platform that is utilised as the core citizen authentication mechanism across all your government services, streamlining your validation processes.

ID Cards Management

Improve your front and back-office processing of ID Card while allowing for integration with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Electronic Card Printing.

Passport Management

Increase security and speed up border procedures at immigration control stations by means of ePassport technologies.

Residence Cards Management

Enable a multi-stage vetting process for eResidence card issued to non-national residents.

One-Stop-Shop provides citizens with an intuitive web portal for government and local council electronic services, allowing for faster request management in line with Service Level Agreement standards.

Screenshot of dashboard for One-Stop-Shop functionality using Sharepoint

Accessible eServices

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Reduced Administrative Burden

Introduce automation through AI-powered service bot capability that works together with homogenous service modules for the overall simplification of bureaucracy management.

Request Management

Improve citizen care through allowing for the tracking of request progress, ensuring your staff can achieve an SLA standard of service.

Accessible eServices

Bring services together within unified web portals, allowing citizens to access a full range of government services, while enabling multi-language functionality for accessibility to all.

Provide digital health services that prioritize citizens with fast and efficient resolutions to health-related issues.
Screenshot of Fast Track Dashboard using Microsoft Sharepoint

FastTrack Cancer Pathways

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FastTrack Cancer Pathways

Speed up cancer diagnoses by allowing general practitioners to input symptoms into a robust database enabling at-risk patients to get a faster diagnosis.

Customer Care

Manage customer care for public hospitals and pharmacies through a unified interface for optimal resolutions and reduced wait times.

Electronic Disease Surveillance

Manage the surveillance of disease families through advanced reporting and optimized track-and-tracing to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

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Allow staff to focus on delivering excellent services, instead of searching documents through a digitized case management system.
Screenshot of Case Management functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Track case status through customized dashboarding.

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Manage the application and processing of various licensees by implementing our solution for case management, powered by effective process automation.
Screenshot of Dashboard for Personal Declaration of Licensee Management

Benefit from an automated licensee relationship management system to streamline your license processing.

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Through the use of industry-leading platforms, provide your citizens with the right tools to access governmental services as quickly as possible. Enable permit processing, eService management and various other services made accessible with ease.
Screenshot of Personal Dashboard for Public Sector Services

Single Permit Portal

Single Permit Portal

Digitisation of the Single Permit application process, including payments, which is then integrated in the back end system to the Residence Permit System

Public Service Training Courses

Ensure your team have the right skills to address public needs by implementing a training portal streamlined for ease-of-use and accessibility.

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