Corrugated Packaging and Digital Transformation

How are corrugated box manufacturing companies able to cope with the surge in demand caused by the pandemic?

The pandemic has left the packaging industry with never-before-seen increases in requests and transactions. As purchases transitioned from brick-and-mortar to online, so too did the expectation of corrugation packaging companies to keep up with the skyrocketing demand. As such, the typical corrugation companies often use disparate software solutions to manage information infrastructure.

corrugated packaging over a digital overlay

As the demand for more products and higher quality standards rise, so too does the pressure to maintain adequate profit margins. Senior management often ends up fulfilling multiple roles, and as a result, end up suffering from overly hectic routines, with profits being hard to come by. As a result, the industry has become more competitive than ever before, with industry leaders eager to maintain their standing, while newer players are left eager for more orders.

So how do the leading corrugated manufacturing companies deal with these new challenges? One of the primary solutions for these issues would be a digital transformation strategy to foster growth and scalability. Here are a few ways your corrugated box manufacturing company can benefit from taking its next step in the digital direction.

Reduced Reconciliation

Long gone are the days of extensive, company-wide reconciliation meetings. Through cutting-edge technology such as Enterprise Resource Planning, companies no longer need to worry about having to constantly check whether or not all aspects of their business are in sync. By using an integrated system to store and access data, collaboration and validation are made easier and contribute to much more streamlined business processes. Management can also stay in sync when not at the office; through the use of mobile-aided ERP implementations ensuring that their solution is available anytime, anywhere, granting you full control of your organization at all times. 

Improved Decision-Making

Business Intelligence has also paved the way for smarter business decisions. Utilizing BI for advanced decision-making insights based on already-existing data allows for smarter decisions, which all contribute to improving the bottom-line and boosting the profit margins required to not only survive but thrive in this newly competitive industry. In fact, companies within the corrugated box manufacturing industry who have already implemented an ERP system have reported increases of over 10% in capacity utilization, giving them the cutting-edge they need to overtake their competition. In addition to this, the implementation of a Product Design Interface provides your organisation with an intuitive interface to help you design a product that will effectively meet customer’s requirements and also address your profit expectations.  Utilising intelligent technology is key in supercharging both your business decisions, as well as the quality of your product, allowing you to truly make a mark on the industry.

A Scalable Solution

Ensuring that your business is ready for growth is pivotal in assuring that your organisation is here for the long haul. But how can your corrugated box manufacturing business secure this longevity? The answer is simple: cloud technology. Through utilizing a platform making use of cloud technology your company may benefit from potentially endless data capacity. This level of scalability is a vast improvement from that of on-premise solutions. By eliminating the costs that come with storage, your organization can expand or reduce capacity in reaction to the ongoing transactional load.

As the corrugated box industry continues to experience a sudden surge in transactions and requests, it has become more important than ever before to have the right tools to thrive. Initiating your digital transformation journey is no small feat, but can be made all the simpler by having the right experts to guide you. Exigy is a Microsoft Gold Partner, comprised of industry experts that have been implementing digital transformation projects for over 18 years. Through our partnership with fellow Microsoft Gold Partner, Samadhan and their Corrugated Samadhan ERP, we have been able to lend a hand to the evolution of several Corrugated Box Manufacturing companies looking to grow through the power of technology. 

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