Residence Card Management

Enable a multi-stage vetting process for eResidence card issued to non-national residents.

Secure Residence Card Software.

Benefit from enhanced security, accurate identity verification, mitigation of illegal activities, better immigration control, improved data management, and compliance with legal requirements through a centralized Residence Management solution.

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first residence permits issued by the European Union in 2019.
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a growth of 17% was seen in EU-based residence applications.
0 %
of people living in the EU in 2022 were non-EU citizens

Our Residence Card Management Solution

The Residence Card Management system provides an online portal for streamlined application processes, biometric verification, integration with government systems, document verification, and secure issuance of electronic residence permits. 

Residence Card Management

How our solution can enhance the Residence Card vetting process.

Online Portal

The online portal provides a single point of entry for EU and Non-EU nationals seeking residency. Fully integrated with backend system.

Electronic Identity

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Online Access

Expatriates online portal is used by both EU and Non-EU nationals seeking to obtain a Residence Documentation / Permit.

Intuitive User Interface

Easy to use application process that guides the user on the information that needs to be provided and the forms that need to be uploaded.

Process Driven Application

Dedicated application process for the Single Permit which is initiated by the Employer and validated by the applicant; with online payment.

Full Integration with Status Update

Fully integrated with back-office to provide real time validation and updates on the status of the application. Assists the applicant with the type of application that should be submitted e.g., New application or Renewal of existing permit.

Capture Biometrics

Benefit from enhanced authentication through the use of facial images, fingerprints and other ferms of biometric verification.

Accessible eServices

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Captures ICAO compliant applicant facial images, signature and fingerprints through FBI certified fingerprint scanner.


Biometrics are submitted to central system for secure storage, until application is processed. They can also be stored securely offline for future upload when network connectivity is not available.

Different Form Factors

Available in the form of a mobile Biometric Capture laptop and peripherals kit or Biometric Capture tablet with integrated peripherals, makes it ideal for deployment across different offices and embassies.

HID Integrale BCW

HID Integrale biometric capture workstations are used to capture the photo, digitised signature, and fingerprints.

Process Application

Facilitate the processing of applications through a centralized approach to connecting government systems and EU databases.

Electronic Identity

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Front office

The front office is the main system were the link between the person and the biometrics is established. All basic checks are carried out at this stage and any issues are communicated back through the online portal.

Integration to Government Systems

Integrated with local Government systems like public registry to help with accurate identification of applicants. Public registry is used as the official source of data for citizens applying for an eID Card.

Search and Identification

A number of searches are performed across Government systems to help with the identification of possible duplicate identities.

Security and EU checks

Applications are checked against EES, Passport Stop Lists and other country blacklists.

Document Verification

All documents uploaded by applicant into online portal can be viewed and verified by authorised users.

Verify and Approve

The back office system is used to perform further validations and confirm the eligibility of a person for the Identity Document.

Accessible eServices

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Enforcement of Processes

Rigorous processes ensure that the applicant is eligible for the electronic Residence Permits (eRPs) or electronic Identity Documents (eIDs).

External Stakeholders

Application is sent to several external stakeholders like Visa, Police and Immigration who perform additional security checks.


Dedicated process for Single Permit applications with integration to Government Agency responsible for employment.


The feedback from all stakeholders is required before the application is approved. Approval process triggers different processes depending on the application.

Card and Request Management

The card and request management establishes a link between the identity application approved in the back-office system and the HID Integrale CMS responsible for the personalization of the eMRTDs.

Electronic Identity

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Card Request and Certificate Approval

Separate approval for the issuance of the electronic Residence Permits (eRPs) or electronic Identity Documents (eIDs) and Authentication and Signing certificates.

Search and Filtering

Easy search and filtering to identify the applications that need to be processed and in which priority.

Suspension and Revocation

Suspension and revocation of electronic Residence Permits (eRPs) or electronic Identity Documents (eIDs) and associated certificates.


Facilitate the personalization of documents forming part of MRTD processing while ensuring compliance and security.

Accessible eServices

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Flexible Workflow

Provides a secure flexible workflow for personalisation of a multitude of documents in multiple forms e.g., laser engraving or ink jet printing.

Segregation of Duties

Enforced segregation of duties through role-based access control.

Integrated Process

Integrated with back-end PKI solutions e.g., KMS for proper compliant chip encoding and signing of documents to enable their verification at control points.

Inventory Management

Inventory control from blank document to personalisation and Issuance.

HID Integrale CMS

The HID Integrale CMS is responsible for personalization (graphical and electrical) of all eMRTDs.


Secure issuance of eMRTD to applicant including Identity and Biometric checks

Electronic Identity

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Verification of eMRTD

The data from the eMRTD is read and compared against data held by the central system. Information is displayed on screen to assist with the issuance process.

Verification of Identity

Identity check is carried out by comparing the applicants’ fingerprints against the fingerprints stored on the eMRTD, ensuring documents are issued to the correct person.

Manual Issuance and Exceptions

Issuance process can handle both legal and technical exemptions were a document is issued without certain biometrics for legal, technical or medical reasons.

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