MCAST Students at _TECH MASTERS 2019!

The winners were unveiled at the official _TECH MASTERS Award Ceremony, held at the MCAST Campus, where all participating students were invited to attend.

The event, organised in conjunction with MCAST, was created to allow second and third year students to showcase their solution effectiveness, elegance in coding, the creation of robust and readable code and their ability to create effective documentation.

“It was certainly a great experience to observe the great submissions delivered by each of the students!”
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Digital Marketing Executive

The submissions were evaluated based on their ability to code quickly and efficiently, with a keen eye for detail and knowledge of industry best practices.

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Second year participants were tasked with implementing security measures for XYZ Trading, a fictional trading company. In order to protect the company against infamous hacker Hacksy81, students were asked implement a system utilising a hash function to protect against dictionary attacks.

Third year students were challenged with upgrading the Djikstra algorithm they utilised in a previous assignment. This was done so as to facilitate the algorithm for ABC Freight Forwarders, a fictional freight forwarder company specialising in delivery to outlets and warehouses all over Malta.

“It was great to see how impressive all of the submissions were. It was certainly difficult to pick a clear winner and we’d like to congratulate each participant for their great work!”
CEO of Exigy

Damiano Nicastro was unveiled as the winner of the second year category, winning the grand prize of €750 for his security implementation.

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Francesca Micallef was announced as the third year category winner, winning the grand prize for her extension of the Djikstra algorithm.

female student taking photo with ceo in classroom, shaking hands

The team at Exigy would like to thank all participants for taking on this challenge.

Special thanks also go towards the MCAST team, who helped make this event happen.

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