The team joined our partners at FL3XX so as to discuss ERP solutions and how they’re able to solve some of the aviation industry’s biggest pain points.

Team Exigy was involved in a webinar about hospitality and technology alongside members of the Insema group of hotels.

The team is proud to announce that we’ve continued to bolster our expertise through achieving 2021 partnership with LS One, the leading retail POS and back-office software that simplifies store operations.

Team Exigy discussed the interesting topic with a number of Malta’s leading industries.

The team acquires a new set of gold competencies in our mission to deliver Microsoft-standard levels of quality in our services.

Team Exigy collaborate with their partners at Proxima to provide leaders in the Italian hospitality industry with a special webinar series regarding hotel management in the digital age.

This year’s edition of the Kick Off event took place over the last week. Learn more about what went on!

Our team’s own, Francois Grech joined in to lend his expertise on this interesting topic.

The team get some positive tips by motivational speaker Daniel Schembri on how to cope during these challenging times.

Find out how you can get funding for your Italian-based business’ digital transformation.

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