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Promote the fulfilment of goals and establish a collaborative culture through Brightspark’s ability to simplify goal management. Allow each employee to keep a close eye on their goals and to receive feedback whenever needed.
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20% of a CEO's time is being spent on time management
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87% of organisations claim engagement is one of their top challenges
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Less than 50% of executives know how to address the issue
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Unlock your team performance through digital transformation.

Team performance is often a concern for just about every organization. Ensure that your team is operating in the best possible way through the use of a unified, integrated HR and collaborative platform!


Allow managers to monitor real-time changes such as new team members, to ensure company-wide visibility. Automate onboarding processes by allowing employees to receive activation codes, for the creation of user profiles. Ensure operational compliance by effectively monitoring active and inactive work permits.
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Manager Visibility during Onboarding

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Scheduler Management

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View both individual and team calendars to view respective Sick and Vacation Leave of each team member. Enable both line managers and employees to gain access to respective contract documents while receiving notifications upon contract updates or upcoming deadlines. Reduce manual workloads through the use of document management for employee-sensitive data.


Keep track of all training deadlines through real-time notifications on both email and mobile devices. Monitor the various types of skills and tasks that come with a specific job role with e-Skills, Knowledge and Tools. Update employee skill ratings to track the strengths and weaknesses of each team member.
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Training Notifications

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Employee Dashboard

Easier Communication

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Monitor key staff details with the ability to contact users through Outlook and Skype integration. Encourage career growth and skill development through the ability to allocate recognition badges to employees. Allow for more refined communication amongst members of your organisation through the integration of Microsoft Outlook, Skype and Microsoft Teams.


Create, monitor and update both private and public action plans to set goals and monitor progress in real-time. Manage goals effectively through an interactive hierarchical display, with the ability to view goals by progress and category. Assign activities to employees, as well as allowing users to update any progress made, ensuring a productive workflow.
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Goal Management

Action Plans

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Motivate employees and impact productivity by allowing line managers to assign benefits to respective employees based on contributions. Cater to your teammates by allowing employee benefits to be customized by management while informing affected users about these changes in real-time.

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