Empower your Business with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Discover how Microsoft’s complete Dynamics NAV package can revolutionize your business!

For a small or medium-sized business to grow, it must be well equipped for the challenges that lie ahead. Unfortunately for many, these challenges are often too complex to handle, stunting business processes and productivity. At Exigy Ltd, we believe that Microsoft Dynamics NAV combats these challenges head on, providing businesses with a flexible, seamless ERP solution that manages accounting and financial operations, as well as the ability to support specific functionality needs.

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Reap the benefits of Microsoft’s complete ERP package

With the powerful financial reporting tools provided by Dynamics NAV, you are awarded full control over your accounts, allowing you to contribute to business decision making and monitor the health of your business.

Track and analyse all your company’s financial information with Dynamic NAV’s complete general ledger solution; manage all financial processes across multiple currencies, and export data to Microsoft Word or Excel with the use of style sheets. In addition, you can:

  • Keep track of customer payments and streamline accounts receivable processes to optimise cash flow.
    Work with multiple budgets simultaneously, importing or exporting them from or to Excel.
  • Facilitate global transactions and expand into international markets by posting and reporting in different currencies.
  • Predict your company’s liquidity over time with the Cash Flow Forecast feature.
  • Monitor your fixed assets, and allocate a suitable percentage of asset transactions to different projects or resources.
  • Determine whether your assets are over or under insured.
  • Have access to bulk invoicing through Microsoft Bookings.
  • Send documents to partner companies and manage accounts for several organisations in one posting.
  • Control document flow and complete transactions through receivables and payables or as general journal transactions, with the use of the Inbox / Outbox Feature.
  • Facilitate the handling of correct reconciliation and multiple currencies.


Timesheets, Billing, and Invoicing

Dynamics NAV offers a seamless, fully integrated structure for billing and invoicing as part of its Project Management Module. You can set up, approve and record timesheets, and manage job profitability by keeping track of how much time is spent on various tasks. Billing customers or clients is processed automatically, and the software is suited for fixed or hourly based projects, making it an ideal solution for professional services.


A multifaceted tool designed for Professional Services

Track costs and bill clients for work delivered in a smooth, efficient way. Improve project visibility, plan or manage jobs and allocate resources effectively.

Check whether a project is meeting key targets on time and track employee timesheets automatically. Enjoy a complete overview of resource capacity, allowing you to optimise sales forecasting and demands planning. You can also compare project costs to budgets and estimates, and track costs and revenues using a unified interface.


Make smart decisions and gain business insight

As a complete ERP package from Microsoft, Dynamics NAV gives back insights through various intelligence capabilities. These include reporting, charts and KPIs and Ad-Hoc Query and Analysis, allowing you to keep business on track, monitor organisation performance, and utilise positive trends to your advantage.

Exigy Ltd. is a top provider of business software solutions and Microsoft Dynamics in Malta and Italy. Contact us to find out more about Dynamics NAV, and how it can help your company maximise its operations and optimise your project management.

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