Exigy Discusses Patient Safety Management

Our CEO, Francois Grech led the topic during Patient Safety and Clinical Risk Management Symposium.

During last week’s highly engaging International Symposium for Patient Safety and Clinical Risk Management, our very own CEO, Francois Grech, shared his experience in the digitization of patient safety management and what it means for the healthcare industry.

Held in front of an audience of the leading healthcare professionals, both locally and internationally, Francois introduced Exigy as a leading technology leader within the health sphere, naming several projects and accolades accrued over the years.

Francois then proceeded to discuss the importance of Patient Safety, going into detail on what can be digitized within this process, as well as how it could be achieved using industry-leading technology.

Under a particular spotlight was the application platform Microsoft Dynamics 365, a tool that has proved crucial for many Exigy-led projects within healthcare. Francois gave an overview of the platform and its strengths, thanks to our long-standing expertise as Microsoft Gold partners.

The topic then focused on the benefits gained by implementing digital processes within Patient Safety, including the ability to increase transparency across processes thanks to the ease of tracing and measurement of progress. Another benefit highlighted was the ability to leverage key data obtained at each stage of a patient safety process to generate AI-powered guidance and insights at every step of the way.

"We believe technology is the way forward for healthcare entities that wish to ensure adaptability to any circumstance that the future holds!"
Portrait photo of Francois Grech
Francois Grech
CEO, Exigy

It was certainly great to participate in this dialogue, particularly as the industry of healthcare continues to strive to meet patients’ expectations while dealing with time-consuming administrative tasks.

“We believe technology is the way forward for healthcare entities that wish to ensure adaptability to any circumstance that the future holds. This is why we need to continue championing digital transformation. We hope to continue collaborating with key health professionals to secure a digital future.” said CEO Francois Grech.

Click here to learn more about the International Symposium for Patient Safety and Clinical Risk Management.

Many thanks go to Prof. Sandra Buttigieg, Chair of the Organising Committee, the Department of Health Systems Management, Faculty of Health Sciences as well as the PaSQiT, Mater Dei for organizing this memorable event.

Exigy is one of Malta’s leading Microsoft Gold partners, and have been responsible for the successful implementation of technology within the health industry.

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