Evolve Electronic Identity

Introduce enhanced validation, security and protection to citizens through cutting-edge technology.

Secure Identities for Citizens.

More than ever before, governments are investing in identity management programs to prevent fraud and forgery, fight against terrorism and corruption, and give citizens access to a variety of public facilities with new and highly-secure technologies as a result of the rise in the number of electronic identity (eID) documents in use worldwide.

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of governments expected to have tripled citizen digital services by 2023.
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identity fraud of unsecured identities has increased by 11% since 2020.
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of cititzens worldwide are still without a form of electronic identity.

Electronic Identity Platform

The Electronic Identity Platform is utilized as the core citizen authentication mechanism across all your government services, paving the way for easier verification of citizen identity throughout all government services.

Our eIdentity Solution

Unifying the citizen identification process

Utilize front and back-office processing of ID card application, as well as seamless integration with PKI and Electronic Card Printing for comprehensive identity card management.

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Increase security and speed up border procedures at immigration control stations by means of ePassport technologies that bring together crucial information while ensuring that no relevant data is misplaced.

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Enable a multi-stage vetting process for eResidence cards issued to non-national residents. Achieve this through automated processes that allow for faster resolutions of eResidence applications.

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Speed up various types of permit processes through digitization of the Single Permit application process. Include the process of payments, which are then integrated into the back-end system to the Residence Permit System.

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Utilize an industry-leading platform to unify all the cases of your government eServices, alongside citizen portals and call centres across your departments. This also allows for the routing of cases wherever needed for a more productive case resolution.

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Make quick work of the application and processing of licensees of various types (including gaming, vehicle and real estate), through refined case management and the implementation of process automation.

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