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Last week, our anticipated event, ‘Revolutionizing your Business: A 360° Approach,’ took place. We welcomed decision-makers from various industries to engage in a fascinating discussion on driving innovation within their businesses. Let’s dive into the highlights!
Last Thursday, our team welcomed several key business decision-makers from various industries to our event titled ‘Revolutionizing your Business: A 360° Approach‘. Held at the elegant Xara Lodge, the event featured a host of speakers with a strong focus on the most recent advancements in business technology and how they can be leveraged to help businesses from any industry stand out from their competition.

During the first segment, our Managing Director, Francois Grech, took the audience through the topic of 
Reimagining your Business in the Digital Age. It was great to see Francois providing some key insights and statistics about the modern business challenges that innovative software solutions can help overcome.

Following up on this segment, Gertruda Piqoni, Technology Consulting Manager from our partners at EY, provided her expert insights on Redefining your Business Processes. During this excellent section, Gertruda discussed the practices and methods related to transformation initiatives, which can help redefine the ways of working and improve business processes.

Next up was George Aspiotis, Senior Partner Development Manager at Microsoft. In his segment, George guided everyone through the subject of Artificial Intelligence and its practical use within the modern-day business landscape. George then treated attendees to an exclusive look at 
Microsoft 365 CoPilot, the exciting new product that enables Sales, Marketing, Service, Supply Chain and Operations to all benefit from AI-powered assistance.
The event then featured several concise parts, each showcasing the adaptability of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 line of products. Moira, Solution Consultant at Exigy, held the first of these segments, which focused on Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing. It was great to explore how D365 helps to deepen customer relationships with the intelligent, full-funnel sales and marketing solution.

Following up on this segment was our very own Head of Business Development, Dominic, with a demonstration highlighting Dynamics 365 Business Central focusing on how it can assist in 
Streamlining your Supply Chain. During the segment, the ERP‘s supply chain functionalities were on full display, showing that businesses can manage their inventory and optimize warehousing with ease.

Next up was Robert, Solution Manager at Exigy, who shared his expertise on Dynamics 365 for Field Service. In a section titled 
Effectively Manage Your Field Workforce, Robert revealed how businesses can utilize the software to create effective work orders and empower their resources, all the while making use of AI-powered suggestions to help optimize resource scheduling.

For the final topic of the event, Moira then went over the Customer Service module of Dynamics 365. It was intriguing getting to see the way that the platform can empower customer service agents within an organization. By providing the workforce with all the information they need at their fingertips, they can tackle whatever request comes their way quickly and effectively. Also on display was D365’s powerful sentiment analysis tool, which helps agents and management alike understand the quality of their relationship with customers.

Moira (Exigy) discussing Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Concluding the event was the Networking Lunch, which allowed attendees to speak with all of the experts, and to be able to ask any questions they might have about the solutions discussed. It was great to be able to connect with all of the attendees.

"This event was an incredible gathering of industry leaders and experts all coming together to explore the frontiers of business innovation and several of the software solutions we specialize in. We look forward to hosting the next entry in this series of events."
Dominic Scicluna
Head of Business Development

Special thanks go to the speakers for their expert insights, as well as to our partners at Microsoft, EY Malta and Melita for helping make the event a reality. 

If you were unable to attend our recent event, there’s no need to worry! This event marked the beginning of an exciting series that we plan to continue in the coming months. We are committed to bringing you more opportunities to explore the latest advancements in business technology and how they can revolutionize your industry. 

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events, where you’ll have another chance to connect with industry experts and gain valuable insights into transforming your business for success!

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Francois Grech, James Bonello and Darin Pace engaged in conversation during EY Engage

Team Exigy At EY Engage

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