5 Key Processes To Automate Today

Find out are the key processes that companies most look towards introducing automation, and the benefits it adds to your business!

It is certainly no secret that the past few years have forced changes for companies worldwide. In several industries, from retail to manufacturing, companies have raced to modify operations and keep the lights on as employees adjust to working from home.


of managers lose 8+ hours a week to manual administrative tasks.


Portion of sales representatives’ time spent on administrative tasks.


of HR professionals say digital technologies will fundamentally change HR

The result is a challenging combination of mobile and virtual processes across HR, IT, finance, sales, and more. Business process automation goes a long way toward bringing together these various business operations.   Automating your processes allows you to quickly and easily transform your company, from employee onboarding to invoice processing, in just a few days. And that lets you serve your customers, vendors, and employees more quickly and accurately, using fewer resources.  But which are the key processes that companies most look towards introducing automation? Here is our list of five key processes ripe for automation—along with the benefits for each.

1. Sales

Contracts define business relationships. But inefficient contract management can put undue stress on your sales team. Poorly executed contracts can yield increased noncompliance, inaccurate information, and delayed sales. However, automation can transform the contract lifecycle, boosting productivity and increasing compliance. Streamline contract processes from start to finish by autogenerating data-driven contracts and routing them quickly and efficiently for review, redlining, and approval.

2. HR

Onboarding and provisioning can be expensive and time-consuming. Ensure your new hires hit the ground running by providing them with the tools and information they need to be productive from day one, through onboarding automation. Map and automate repetitive onboarding tasks, dynamically triggering starter forms, approvals, equipment, accounts, software licenses, and more. Replace paper documents with digital processes that automatically capture appropriate permissions and archive them when the time is right. Ensure that authorized users have the correct access for security and privacy compliance—without lifting a finger.

3. Finance

Even in today’s highly digitized world, invoice processing remains largely paper-based. Manually processing invoices can slow everything down, creating cash flow issues, introducing errors, and frustrating vendors. Automation allows you to streamline and expedite payments. Robotic process automation quickly and accurately extracts data from invoices. Each invoice is automatically routed for review and verification by Accounts Payable, disputed or approved, then paid by finance staff. Mapping and automating invoice processes improves compliance and accuracy. Digital workflows connect with your existing accounting software, delivering accurate data to the team swiftly.

4. IT

Too often, when employees come to IT with problems, they need fast solutions. Though, lost tickets and slow responses get in the way, triggering multiple requests, frustrating employees and hampering productivity. Leading BPA platforms such as Nintex streamline help desk support for speedy resolution. This can be used to map help desk processes, identifying where automation can eliminate busywork and repetition. It also allows your for quick triages and routing of support requests, from initial notification through resolution. Digital workflows also store documents and projects where workers can find them easily, streamlining file management and supporting faster, more accurate responses.

5. Customer Service

Today’s most successful companies are those that use technology to deliver exceptional, highly responsive customer service. Customers expect to be able to quickly and easily interact with organizations online or through any mobile device. If that requires long waiting times, the chances of losing that customer skyrocket. Create and customize easy-to-use, mobile-responsive online forms, which automatically capture and store critical customer data and feedback.

Get Started with Automation Today

No matter what industry or business role, process automation continues to reveal itself as one of the most innovative ways to increase process efficiency, productivity, and better serve customers. 

As proud partners of Nintex, the leading platform for business process automation, we are here to help you take your next step in digitally transforming your business.

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