Customer Maturity Model: How Automation Can Help

How can you ensure that your customer maturity model can help your business improve? Our experts discuss the benefit of Business Process Automation and how it can help.

Positive customer experiences define your business relationship with your customers. It also paves the way for brand loyalty and a positive word-of-mouth experience. To many, a positive customer experience indicates that the business cares about them and wishes to deliver the best service possible.

Organizations which prioritize positive customer experiences are the most likely to benefit from a high score on customer maturity models. However, what exactly is a customer maturity model, and how can it be supported through business process automation?

The Customer Maturity Model

A customer maturity model is a comprehensive evaluation of your business’ customer experience quality. The way this assessment is revealed is through the gathering of feedback from employees and customers alike. In turn, this provides an understanding of the impression your business’ level of service gives to others. Importantly, it can also be used as a benchmark, allowing you to compare your quality of service over time.

Typically, the customer maturity model assessment will include the following criteria:

  • Which of your customers is happiest with your products and services, and which are the least content?
  • How long does it take for customers to get onboarded?
  • What is your current customer churn rate?
  • What is your customer lifetime value?
  • Which customers are most likely to purchase again, and which are least likely?
  • What do customers think about your products or services and what do they say in reviews?
  • What features do your customers request for products that are not yet available?
  • How do customers solve problems they have with your products or services and what do they think of these problem resolution methods?
  • Is there a mismatch between what you think of your brand and how your customers perceive you?

Process Automation & Customer Maturity Model

Following a successful evaluation of your customer maturity model, the next step is to improve your existing business processes. As stated in previous entries before, we believe that introducing business process automation is a surefire way to increase efficiency and quality of service.

  1. Customer surveys
    By sending our customer surveys, one can easily keep a pulse on your customers’ perception of your service quality. By automating this process, you can easily keep the sending of surveys consistent and frequent, leading to more useful data.
  2. Set up engagement emails
    Engagement emails are another great way to keep customers interested. Your business can send out email campaigns to people who register interest in your whitepapers or webinars, follow-up emails to existing customers, or special offers to loyal clients. Email campaigns dramatically boost engagement with your brand, and automating them can save a great deal of time and effort as opposed to sending them out manually per campaign.
  3. At-risk customer notification
    Another great example of how process automation and customer maturity models can tie up is in the area of at-risk customer notifications. By analyzing customer behaviour, you may notice that particular patterns lead up to someone stopping using your products or services. You can use process automation to identify these triggers and create an alert for your retention teams to follow up.
  4. Automate customer onboarding
    Onboarding customers allows for relevant information and documents to be collected from your customers. Manually, this can be an arduous task, with a lot of room for information to be lost along the way. By automating your onboarding processes, you can ensure that your customer experience can give off a much better impression. This can be further bolstered by the use of digital forms and e-signatures, ensuring that both customer and employee can go about this process in a user-friendly, efficient manner.
  5. Automate customer service tickets
    Crucially, a way to improve customer maturity would be by introducing automation within the customer service process. Automation increases resolution time, which can be then improved even further through the implementation of artificial intelligence to answer initial customer questions instantly. In the event of a more complex query, the digital assistant would forward the query to a human responder. This reduces the load on your team while ensuring that each query is handled quickly and in the best way possible.

Get Started with Automation Today

No matter what industry or business role, process automation continues to reveal itself as one of the most innovative ways to increase process efficiency, productivity, and better serve customers. 

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