Power BI: Here are 7 Reasons to Implement It

Power BI is an industry-leading tool for businesses wishing to start, organise, and/or expand their business intelligence activities. Here are 7 points why

Business Intelligence is a fantastic tool for businesses wishing to start, organise, and/or expand their data-driven activities. It’s not unexpected that Microsoft’s famous Power BI has become one of the world’s most popular data analytics platforms, and that Microsoft has been awarded a leader in the “2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms” yet again.

So, what makes the platform stand out against the rest?

Top seven advantages of Power BI:

  • It can deliver business intelligence for any type of organisation.
  • The tool is safe.
  • It effortlessly connects to a variety of data sources.
  • The platform supports artificial intelligence.
  • It is always being enhanced.
  • Power apps are the optimal way to share content. 

Let’s take a closer look at these advantages.


1. Provide Business Intelligence to Everyone

One of the most significant advantages of Power BI is that it enables organisations of all sizes to better develop a data-driven culture. A data-driven culture is one in which decisions are made based on data rather than sentiments or intuition.

Power BI assists businesses in accomplishing this challenging task by easily delivering business intelligence assets (such as real-time reports and dashboards) to everyone in an organisation. This has the impact of allowing companies to make decisions based on real-time and trustworthy data.

2. Watch your data come to life

When data can deliver helpful business insights and create tales that help decision-makers make better decisions, it becomes valuable.

Screenshot of Power BI hotel kpis

Power BI makes it simple to visualise data. Users can connect their data to the platform and use visualisations such as column charts, pie charts, bubble and heat maps, scatter plots, and more to tell stories about their data to gain and share insights.

These visualisations are straightforward to implement, and the tool’s capabilities make it easy to drag and reposition visuals to generate intelligent, clear, and well-organized reports and dashboards.

Furthermore, these representations are interactive, which is a significant advantage of the tool. Consumers can filter reports and dashboards, and then watch their visualisations adjust and update in seconds to meet their newly applied filter requirements – all in the name of gaining more insight from their data.

3. Power BI is safe.

Power BI includes a slew of security capabilities that allow customers to protect sensitive data while also meeting various security and compliance criteria. Power BI, for example, makes use of Microsoft’s Cloud App Security feature, which “provides extensive visibility, control over data movement, and advanced analytics to detect and combat cyberthreats across all of your Microsoft and third-party cloud services”. Furthermore, Power BI’s sensitivity labels feature allows administrators to easily notify users and consumers about which data/information is sensitive and should be handled differently.

Employee using Microsoft Power BI

The popular Microsoft product also has encryption capabilities that increase data security. Finally, developers can use Power BI’s row-level security (RLS) features to design and assign distinct responsibilities to different users. This security feature is extremely useful for organisations that have data that should only be viewed by specific employees. 

4. Effortlessly connect to a variety of data sources.

The powerful data analytics platform can connect to a wide range of data sources, including file data sources such as Excel and CSV, database sources such as Oracle database and Snowflake, and web data sources such as Salesforce and Adobe Analytics.

Furthermore, the interface between Power BI and Excel is great, allowing you to simply move all of your current Excel queries, data models, and reports to your platform — without learning a new application or language”.

This comes in particularly useful in integration with existing data-intensive business processes, such as those used in Marketing. Learn more about these systems by visiting our Marketing page.

5. Equip your team with artificial intelligence capabilities.

Power BI has artificial intelligence features that enable customers to get more out of their data and reports. It provides three sophisticated AI visualisations that developers can utilise to delve deeper into their data, gain insights, and detect potentially difficult-to-find trends.

6. Power BI is Constantly Improving

Microsoft continues to invest in Power BI, demonstrating a strong commitment to making it one of the most valued and helpful data analytics tools in the world. The tool is frequently updated with new features, and existing features are frequently tweaked and improved.

7. Power BI Apps: An Excellent Way to Share Content.

The final Power BI benefit is Power BI apps. Power BI apps are a very convenient way for report developers to distribute Power BI content to consumers, whether large groups, an entire organization or even just one person.

Exigy is a Microsoft Gold Partner, comprised of industry experts that have been implementing digital transformation projects for over 20 years. 

Our expertise in technology implementations has allowed us to lend a hand to the evolution of several innovative companies, both locally and internationally utilizing the capabilities of Power BI.

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