Hospitality: Reinventing Yourself During The Digital Age

In these new times, how can your hospitality business keep up with the competition and remain sustainable? Our partners HSL provide some guidance.

In this new time, how can your business keep up with the competition and remain sustainable? Our partners HSL Hospitality provide some guidance.

In a recent speech by J.M. Ollagner (Managing Director of Accenture) was highlighted that “the pandemic is not yet completely behind us but companies must position themselves to seize the opportunities that will arise with the recovery by reinventing the way of being to be ready to ride the wave of next years”.

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In this new era of competitiveness, it is necessary to adopt new strategic models that are able to combine digital and sustainability, generate new intersectoral systems, create a generation of talents with increasingly strategic skills. The ability to deal with a critical situation such as the current one also passes through the adequacy of the internal organizational structure and the ability to monitor the existence of the economic-financial equilibrium and the foreseeable management trend, as well as the ability to work on different scenarios.

It is precisely the adequacy of the organization that allows the entrepreneur to monitor the crisis and business continuity. The organizational, administrative and accounting structure must therefore allow the verification in historical, current and prospective terms of the fundamentals of the company’s management: it is based on tools that are normally contained within the “planning and management control” function. Talking about forecasts and scenarios for many entrepreneurs can be difficult:

• Modest managerialization and computerization of the company

• Speed of the market and technologies

• Digitization and globalization

These are phenomena that undermine the entrepreneur’s confidence in forecasts and often discourage him from adopting the tool.

Added to this is that in the vision of many small businesses these aspects are relegated to the most common meaning of “administration” and are identified with the activities carried out by the accounting department of the company or, much more frequently for very small companies, by the company’s accountant.

In general, they are seen as non-essential aspects of the company and an unsustainable cost for small businesses. This is an example that, unfortunately, generates a vicious circle as the company that does not equip itself with these tools does not internally refine these skills: acquiring a planning and control tool, on the other hand, represents in itself a path of increase in the endowment of managerial skills within the company, the definition of internal procedures, constant attention to the performance of the company in a perspective that is not mere day by day but that is framed within a vision of (at least) medium-term.

The PNRR also deals with several of these issues, also with explicit reference to the hotel industry: the lack of managerial skills, the need for skills growth, the drive to digitize processes.

In hindsight, these are fundamental aspects already known to operators in the hotel sector which have been further emphasized by the pandemic crisis and whose overcoming can no longer be postponed. The attention paid to these areas seems to be also supported by the presence of subsidized finance interventions (contributions/loans) and various support formulas for companies that embark on an investment path in the context of digitization and innovation of internal organizational processes.

Partnership with HSL Hospitality

La partnership con HSL Hospitality ha rafforzato la nostra proposizione per il mercato alberghiero anche ad impatto internazionale, ampliando il range di competenze offerte ai nostri Clienti. HSL Hospitality è leader nel settore della consulenza con l’obiettivo di trasferire valore alle Imprese dell’Hospitality Industry. Il tratto distintivo di HSL Hospitality è di mettere a diposizione delle PMI del settore, competenze ed esperienze manageriali multidisciplinari. 

Attraverso questa modalità organizzativa HSL si pone al fianco di ogni Imprenditore per supportarlo sia negli indirizzi strategici, che in quelli per ottenere una miglior gestione degli aspetti operativi. Attraverso questa partnership HSL fornisce competenze professionali e verticali alle Imprese alberghiere aiutando il management nell’analisi di mercato, nell’ottimizzazione dei flussi aziendali e nella funzione del Controllo di Gestione integrate ai servizi offerti da Exigy con il meglio dei prodotti Microsoft, al fine di ottenere adeguate performance aziendali.

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