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The events of the last two years, characterized by an increase in international instability and a trade crisis affecting a significant portion of Western countries, have rendered us economically more vulnerable. This serves as a reminder that effective business management, particularly within the tourism sector, necessitates tools capable of ensuring dynamism in alignment with contemporary demands.

Over time, Exigy, as a Microsoft partner, has consistently innovated, fostering strategic relationships with partners capable of verticalizing the product chain within the hotel sector. The longstanding collaboration between Exigy and Proxima (HotelCube) serves as a prime example of a successful partnership within the hospitality sector.

The Microsoft Platform for Hotel Management

For years, Exigy has operated within the hospitality sector, offering verticalization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for accounting and administrative management. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Exigy has tailored the flagship ERP system to suit the specific needs of the hotel sector.

The user-friendly interface and scalability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central position it as one of the premier products for the hospitality market, catering to both large hotel chains and individual establishments. The enhancements developed by Exigy over the years have bolstered the system’s quality, ensuring optimal performance aligned with the tourism sector’s requirements.

Integration with HotelCube

Given the complexity of hotel management, selecting optimal IT tools and partners capable of delivering peak performance at the market level is imperative. Proxima, with its flagship product HotelCube, stands out as a prominent partner with whom Exigy has forged a robust and enduring collaboration across various domains.

Proxima has long been a leader in providing PMS systems for hotels, with HotelCube emerging as one of Italy’s most prevalent Front End Software solutions. It seamlessly integrates Booking Engine, Channel Manager, POS, F&B, and SPA&Wellness management functionalities into a unified product.

The collaboration between Proxima and Exigy has facilitated the development and optimization of an interface enabling HotelCube to communicate and exchange data seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This synergy has yielded a seamless integration between two distinct yet complementary products, eliminating compatibility issues between Front-End and company accounting systems.

Advanced Business Analytics

Beyond serving as mere operational tools, Business Central and HotelCube represent invaluable sources of crucial data for managing and developing hotel structures. The integration of these platforms allows for comprehensive data analysis, optimizing internal processes and driving commercial and marketing endeavors to capitalize on growth opportunities presented by the market.

Features such as reporting, data analysis, and other tools for managing accounting, cash flows, tax compliance, expense forecasts, and overall corporate management control are instrumental for companies adopting HotelCube and Exigy’s verticalization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in optimizing business operations.

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