Digital Transformation: 100 Million Euros For Small And Medium Enterprises.

Find out how you can get funding for your Italian-based business’ digital transformation.

A few days ago the news came that the Italian Government has finally allocated 100 million euros to favor the technological and digital transformation of Italian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Through the Ministry of Economic Development, the times and ways to access the amounts allocated with the decree of 9 June 2020 (article 29, paragraph 5, of the decree-law 34/19 so-called Growth Decree) have been defined and that SMEs will use to finance process innovation and organizational innovation projects.

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All SMEs with the following characteristics can benefit from the benefits:

  • they are registered and active in the Business Register;
  • operate mainly or primarily in the manufacturing sector and/or in that of direct services to manufacturing companies and/or in the tourism sector and/or in the trade sector, carrying out the economic activities identified in attachment no. 1;
  • have achieved, in the year to which the last approved and filed financial statements refer, several revenues from sales and services equal to at least 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand) euro
  • they have at least two financial statements approved and filed with the Business Register;
  • they are not subject to bankruptcy proceedings and are not in a state of bankruptcy, liquidation, even voluntary, controlled administration, arrangement with creditors, or in any other equivalent situation according to current legislation.


The projects that can be admitted to the subsidies must be aimed at the technological and digital transformation of production processes, through the development of two types of technologies and solutions:

  1. technologies related to digital technological solutions of the supply chain, aimed at: optimizing the management of the distribution chain and the management of relations with the various players;
    • to the software;
    • the platforms and digital applications for the management and coordination of logistics with high characteristics of integration of service activities;
    • to other technologies, such as e-commerce systems, mobile and internet payment systems, fintech, electronic systems for data exchange (electronic data interchange – EDI), geolocation, technologies for in-store customer experience, system integration applied to process automation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things. 
  2. enabling technologies identified by the National Business Plan 4.0.  (advanced manufacturing solutions, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, simulation, horizontal and vertical integration, industrial internet, cloud, cybersecurity, big data and, analytics)


The funding is disbursed for a total of 50% of the eligible expenses as follows:

  1. 10% in the form of a contribution; 
  2. 40%  as a subsidized loan. 


The expenses that can fall within the loan are the following:

  • personnel expenses 
  • depreciation of newly manufactured tools and equipment
  • consultancy and other services used for the realization of the project including licenses, patents, and know-how
  • additional overheads and other operating costs, including costs of materials, supplies and similar products directly attributable to the project.
  • tangible fixed assets, such as technologically advanced machinery, plants and equipment or technical-scientific as long as they are consistent with the aims of the technological and digital transformation of the company’s production processes
  • fixed assets in materials necessary for the subsidized project
  • specialist consultancy services strictly functional to the implementation of the project to the extent of 10% of the total eligible costs
  • costs incurred as a fee for the use, through cloud computing solutions, of computer programs or for the use of broadband connectivity services.
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in the form of contribution
0 %
as a subsidised loan


Facilitation applications must be submitted starting from  12.00 on 15 December 2020 , and must be filled out exclusively in electronic form, using the appropriate IT procedure.


Together with one of our consultants, we can verify the possibility of accessing the tender, and after an initial analysis of your company, we can intervene to implement management development projects (ERP), CRM, Business Intelligence or Field Service and Maintenance Management. , which will be partly financed by the resources made available by the Call.

At Exigy, we bridge the gap between business and technology. Through the experience of our consultants and the knowledge of the best solutions in the sector we want to help digitally transform the business processes of our customers.

Contact us to find out how our solutions can help your business cope with digital transformation.

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