Exigy and EY Collaborate for Field Service Webinar

Team Exigy discussed the interesting topic with a number of Malta’s leading industry leaders.

Our team was involved in a highly engaging discussion with field service industry leaders alongside EY expert Razvan Nemes.

On Thursday the 25th of April, the team joined forces with EY in order to host our newest webinar. ‘Digitally Transforming Field Service Operations’ tackled the premise of how to take Maltese field service businesses to the next level through the use of industry-leading technologies. Our managing director, Francois led the session, giving a brief introduction about Exigy, as well as about our guest speaker, Razvan Nemes.

Screenshot of SEO presenting webinar with EY

Razvan then proceeded with the next section of the webinar, highlighting the benefits of Business Process Re-Engineering, particularly in the context of Field Service. It was great to hear Razvan’s input on the matter, with over 10 years of expertise in the subject.

The webinar made great use of Microsoft Teams, which allowed attendees to easily access the event from any device. The platform also provided a Q&A feature, allowing guests to ask questions at any point during the presentation.

Screenshot of webinar for business process re-engineering

Field ServiceOur next speaker was Robert, our very own Dynamics CRM Project Manager. He shared his expertise on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, and how it is able to elevate the level of quality for any form of business that may utilize field service.

Screenshot of webinar for Dynamics 365 Field Service

It was certainly great to see Robert’s explanation of the various features that make Microsoft Dynamics 365 a truly award-winning platform. The attendees were also highly engaged, utilizing the Q&A feature to ask numerous questions to both of our speakers.

“It is essential that such events are carried out in order to ensure that organizations are aware of the latest technological capabilities on the market and the value they can add for both themselves and their clients.”
IT expert, smiling
Senior Technology Consultant, EY Malta

Lastly, we asked our guest speaker to give us his thoughts on the webinar. “It is essential that such events are carried out in order to ensure that organizations are aware of the latest technological capabilities on the market and the value they can add for both themselves and their clients,” added Razvan. “A big thank you to Exigy for organizing the event and their ongoing efforts to deliver innovation and progress!”

A huge thanks goes out to Francois, Robert and our guest Razvan for their participation in this memorable virtual event.

Still uncertain about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service can assist in your company’s evolution? Visit our Field Service page to discover the full list of features and benefits.

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