La Digitalizzazione Nel Controllo Di Gestione Per Le Imprese Alberghiere

Exigy and HSL collaborated for another entry in their anticipated webinar series for the Hospitality sector.

Last Thursday, Exigy and HSL continued their collaboration as partners through the newest entry in the series of webinars targeted toward the hospitality industry.


The newest webinar was named ‘La Digitalizzazione Nel Controllo Di Gestione Per Le Imprese Alberghiere‘. Several leaders from the hospitality industry in Italy were invited to participate in this online event. The focus of this series of webinars is to highlight the benefits of digital transformation and how it can maximise business efficiency.


Our experts Nicola Bonato and Marco Mostacchi were present alongside HSL partner Maurizio Costanzo to discuss this interesting topic. Nicola started the webinar by introducing the attendees to Exigy and HSL, explaining the history of the two partner companies. 

Next, Maurizio discussed the benefit of introducing management control systems in hospitality-based businesses. It was certainly interesting to explore these different benefits and how they may add business benefit to the industry. Maurizio then discussed the stat of digitization within Italy, underlining the growth opportunities.

Tablet showing Maurizio Costanzo during HSL Webinar

Following this was our very own Marco, who used his section to discuss the power of our solution for the hospitality industry, powered by the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. He also discussed the ability to integrate the powerful reporting tool Power BI to create detailed insights into business performance with minimal coding necessary. 

Marco discussed the ability of our solution to integrate with some of the most used PMS systems in the hospitality industry, ensuring minimal effort necessary for many hospitality businesses to leap into digital transformation.

The final section of the webinar allowed the attendees to understand our process for how Exigy and HSL can work together to ensure a seamless digital transformation project with our clients. It was great to be able to provide industry leaders with a clear idea of how we can work together to provide a successful digital transformation that will immediately impact their business in productivity and financial performance management.

Tablet showing Nicola Bonato during Exigy Webinar

Lastly, the team used the Q&A section to address any of the queries brought up by our guests. It was great to see the attendees interested in introducing technology and innovation into their business. We look forward to our next webinar in this series!

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