Team Exigy Syncs Up for Q1

As part of this year’s Kick Off efforts, the team joined up last week to discuss the challenges and results of the first quarter of 2022. The team also discussed the roadmap for what lies ahead for the remainder of the year.

The team met up at the Xara Lodge on Friday, 25th of March, with the event being the first-ever fully hybrid iteration of this event. The goal of this event was to ensure that the team is up-to-date on our progress throughout the quarter.

Both new and experienced teammates participated in various fascinating talks. The first of these, entitled ‘Scaling Up – Objectives and Challenges’ was presented by our Managing Director, Francois. It was fascinating to see our performance over the past few months and our projections for future success.

Francois showing key information to the rest of the team during Exigy 2022 Kick Off

Next up was Trevor, another Exigy co-founder, who took care of the section highlighting our success stories across all 10 of the industries we’ve managed to impact. It was certainly a fulfilling experience to witness how Exigy has managed to extend its expertise to so many different industries, both locally and internationally!

Next, the team took part in a topic co-hosted by two of our Solution Developers, Ljuben and Geordey. This section concerned our implementation of the Hybrid Agile methodology, and how it has led to success in their respective projects. It was great to see both of them lend their insights into this fascinating procedure!

Following up on this was our Marketing Executive, Daniel, with the topic ‘Reaching out to our Customers’. He shared updates on Exigy’s recent marketing efforts, as well as what is in store for the coming months. It was interesting to see this roadmap and how Exigy continues to achieve accessibility for its clients.

Our Service Manager, Tony, was up next. His topic centred around Information Security and he gave some essential tips on achieving a safer workplace for all. We’ve all certainly learned something new in this section!

Ljuben discussing his topic with colleagues during Exigy Q1 Kick Off

Lastly, the event closed off with the highly-anticipated teambuilding activity. This time around, the teams were put to the test with Quickfire, an activity that tested our teams’ creativity and logic. A huge well done to the ‘Roaring Lions’ team that came out with the win!

This section was then succeeded by the feedback sessions, which involved team members both physical and digitally present. It was great to see the teamwork at play in both of these sections.

Screenshot of Daniel presenting his marketing updates to teammates during Exigy Kick Off

The entire event was live-streamed through the use of Microsoft Teams‘ ‘Live Event’ feature, which has played a great part in ensuring that anyone can actively participate in such events, no matter where they are in the world.

A special thanks go to the speakers and the participants of their respective workshops, who helped us achieve yet another memorable event!

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