Team Exigy @ Kick Off 2020

This year’s iteration of the Kick Off event took place at the fantastic Dolmen Hotel on Friday 17th of January. Let’s see what happened during this year’s Kick Off event!

This year’s iteration of the Kick Off event took place at the fantastic Dolmen Hotel on Friday 17th of January. The goal of the event is to get every member of the team together to look back at the previous year, as well as to discuss the challenges and objectives that lie ahead for 2020. 

photo of ceo during company event

Team members new and experienced alike were involved in a whole host of fascinating talks and activities. A number of topics featured included the Strategies and Objectives of 2020, Digital Marketing – The Next Steps and Inspired Minds; A New Approach to Employee Growth.

“The goal of Kick Off 2020 is to bring everyone together and come up with new ways to take on the challenges that lie ahead for the coming year. We strongly believe in the importance of aligning everybody with our overall vision, while ensuring that the feedback and opinions of each team member are taken into consideration. We look forward to the year ahead and what it holds for Exigy.”
CEO of Exigy
Executive Director

It was certainly a great experience to hear about Francois’ insight into the past year, as well as what lies ahead for the coming one!

Trevor, co-founder at Exigy, also delivered a fascinating talk about Inspired Minds, a new initiative geared towards the growth of employees.

“Inspired Minds definitely represents an employee-centred approach, where we strive to foster employee growth, while always keeping in mind the key values that Exigy represents. We’re really excited to see how Inspired Minds can help us achieve a more motivated, communicative workplace!”
photo of manager with glasses, smiling
photo of employees during company event

Next up was Daniel, our digital marketing executive, who focused on elaborating what the coming year holds from a marketing perspective.

“2020 is looking to be an exciting year for Exigy, both nationally and internationally. It’s great to get to showcase some of our campaigns that will surely engage a number of our talented team members!”
photo of smiling employee, blue suit
Digital Marketing Executive

Last but certainly not least, the team was treated to a unique team-building event; Bridging the Divide. Operating under strict time-frames and limited resources, teams of Exigy members were tasked with creating a fully-functioning bridge, prioritizing teamwork and collaboration in order to reach their goal.

photo of employees during company event working together

Plenty of laughs were shared, as the remote-controlled car eventually reached the finish line. Well done to all the respective teams!

Special thanks go to the speakers, as well as all the participants of their respective workshops, who helped us achieve yet another great Kick Off for the year that lies ahead!

Looking to join our team of #InspiredMinds? Check out our vacancies to see if you have what it takes!

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