Unlocking Smart Reporting Through Jet Reports

Team Exigy discussed the interesting topic with a number of Malta’s leading industries.

Last Thursday, team Exigy formed part of a special entry in our series of webinars. Titled ‘Achieving Smart Analytics & Reporting Remotely’, this virtual event featured the highly discussed topic of how smart reporting can assist in establishing a smart, decision-driven workplace thanks to Jet Reports.

screenshot of webinar with introduction slide

The event was presented by our CEO, Francois Grech, who opened the event by giving our invited industry leaders a quick look at Exigy and our experience with the topic of achieving remote working for businesses in numerous industries.

The webinar made great use of Microsoft Teams, which allowed attendees to easily access the event from any device. The platform also provided a Q&A feature, allowing guests to ask questions at any point during the presentation.

screenshot of webinar showing Jet Reports functions
Our special guest for this webinar was Jet Reports expert Rob Jackson, who discussed the various features of Jet Reports and how they may be able to increase reporting agility, generate a higher reporting frequency and access data from anywhere at any time.
It was certainly great to see our newest guest give such an interesting demonstration, which certainly captured the interest of our attendees, who then took to the Q&A session to ask further questions regarding the powerful platform.
“It’s always important to make use of these types of events in order to keep discussions with industry leaders ongoing!”
photo of employee smiling, blue shirt
Jet Reports Expert

“This webinar was a great experience to be part of” said Rob, “given the current circumstances, it’s always important to make use of these types of events in order to keep discussions with industry leaders ongoing. Looking forward to the next one!”.

To learn more about how we can help introduce smart reporting to your growing business, get in touch with us by using the contact form below!

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